Automatic Vendor and Field Recognition When Moving Documents to Other Companies

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Automatic vendor and field recognition when moving documents to other companies-Checkmark Oct 2023

Business value

This time-saving feature will automate the activation of vendor and field recognition when documents are moved to other companies, which means that you'll no longer have to activate recognition manually yourself for each document that's transferred. By relieving you of this burden, the feature will certainly make it easier and more efficient for you to move documents across companies.

Feature details

Currently, no kind of recognition – neither vendor recognition nor field recognition – is carried out for documents that are moved to other companies. This feature will ensure that this happens automatically every time a document is moved from one company to another, no matter if you move the document manually or if it's done automatically using company identification texts.

The feature will only apply to app versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – not to FOB versions.

For more information, see Moving a Document to Another Company.