Attachments in the Document Viewer

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Attachments in the document viewer-Checkmark Oct 2022

Business value

By making attachments available directly in the document viewer, this feature saves you from having to navigate elsewhere in the user interface to view or download them. This not only saves time, but also makes for a smoother and more seamless user experience.

Feature details

The upper-left corner of the document viewer now features a drop-down menu that allows you to view or download any files that have been attached to the document you're currently processing. The drop-down menu is available for all pages that include the document viewer, except for the Documents (UIC) page, as no documents displayed on this page have been processed yet.

Most of the attachments that are listed in the menu can be viewed in the user interface, but some can't (such as .xlsx and .docx files). These can easily be downloaded straight from the menu though. The attachments are grouped as follows:

  • Original – the main document that was imported into Continia Document Capture
  • Related Documents (OIOUBL/OIOUTS)
  • Attachments (.bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .tif, and .tiff)
  • XML Attachments (.bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .tif, and .tiff)
  • Downloadable Attachments (all other file types)

For more information, see Overview of the document journal.