Adding Scanned Images to General Journals

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Adding scanned images to general journals-Checkmark Oct 2023

Business value

The ability to view scanned document images straight from your general journal in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will significantly speed up your workflow. No more clicking around and drilling down to view relevant documents – they'll now be instantly available for you to view when you select a document entry in the journal.

Feature details

This feature will add a document viewer displaying scanned PDF images to the General Ledger Entries and General Journals pages in Business Central. When you select a document from the list on either of those pages, you'll be able to view an image of that document in a document viewer FactBox on the right. It will also be possible to open a list of attachments, allowing you to download the original PDFs.

The feature will only apply to app versions of Business Central – not to FOB versions.

For more information, see Registering documents as general journal lines and The document viewer.