Account Type in the Document Journal

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Account type in the document journal-Checkmark Oct 2022

Business value

By allowing you to select the type of document account directly in the document journal during field recognition, this feature saves you a great deal of time and hassle. Using the feature, you no longer have to make modifications or adjustments following document registration.

Feature details

The field Account Type has been added to the Document Header section of the document journal, allowing you to select what type of account to post document amounts to. The selected value determines which account list you can choose account numbers from in the related Account No. field, which has also been added as part of the same feature.

Previously, the section included only one field, G/L Account No., in which you could choose account numbers from the G/L Account List. The two new fields, Account Type and Account No., together replace this previous field and offer much more flexibility even before you register the imported document.

If you leave Account Type empty or refrain from adding it to the template, Account No. will default to the G/L Account List.

For more information, see Overview of the document journal.