Ability to Update Related Templates When Changing any Relevant Field in the Master Template

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Ability to update related templates when changing any relevant field in the master templateCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021-

Business value

While the use of templates generally makes things easier, updating them can be quite the hassle – especially when you have multiple different templates. Continia Document Capture alleviates this by enabling you to update certain fields in all templates at once: You simply make the desired changes in a master template and then automatically push these changes to all related templates. This functionality currently only applies to a limited number of master template fields, but future versions will include it for all relevant fields in the master template, making it even easier for you to work with templates.

Feature details

Currently, when you change specific settings in a master template, you're asked if you want to update all related templates. This functionality will be extended to include all relevant fields in the master template. You can even add an entirely new field to the master template and have this additional field pushed to all related templates by the click of a button.