Ability to Sort by Due Date on the Purchase Approval Entries Page

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Ability to sort by due date on the Purchase Approval Entries page-Checkmark Oct 2023

Business value

The feature will enable approvers to gain a better overview of what documents are due to be approved and paid, so they can prioritize the most urgent ones. This is typically particularly useful around the end of the month when a large number of documents often need to be approved. In such cases, it's important that the documents are approved in the right order, so that each of them can be paid in time. This feature will help you achieve this.

Feature details

On the Purchase Approval Entries page, you'll be able to sort the list of documents in either ascending or descending order in the following two columns, which will be added to the list:

  • Approval Due Date
  • Due Date

The value in Approval Due Date specifies when the purchase document must be approved by one or more approvers, whereas the value in Due Date is the payment due date from the header of the document.


An article describing the Purchase Approval Entries page including information about the above feature will be published as soon as possible following the release of Continia Document Capture 2023 R2.