Automatic Creation of Digital Vouchers

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Automatic creation of digital vouchers-Apr 2024

Business value

In an increasing number of countries, organizations are required to provide documentation for all accounting entries by storing supporting electronic documents – known as digital vouchers – such as invoices and other business documents. For example, the new Danish Bookkeeping Act effectively requires Danish organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to have digital vouchers generated and transferred to Incoming Documents for storage.

Microsofts enforced digital voucher functionality is very useful for this purpose, and this new Continia Document Capture feature supports and extends that functionality. With the feature, Document Capture can automatically create digital vouchers for incoming purchase documents, so you don't have to manually attach files yourself.

Feature details

A digital voucher is an electronic document that supports financial transactions. The feature ensures that digital vouchers are automatically created based on Document Capture files and then transferred to the Incoming Documents page for storage when you register a document.

For more information, see Automatic Creation of Digital Vouchers.