Your options for paying vendors and importing status files and account statements with Payment Management depend on what types of bank communication and services are supported by your bank. This article covers the most relevant information needed in order for you to set up your bank for Payment Management.

Bank communication

The table below displays the supported types of banking communication for this bank, together with the bank service that supports the bank communication, and in which countries the services can be used.

Bank communicationBank serviceCountriesBank system code
Direct communicationBizcuitNLBIZCUIT
Manual communicationRabobankNLRABOBANK

File formats

In order for Payment Management to communicate bank data between Business Central and your bank, files must be ordered at your bank. For a better understanding on the import and export scenarios using various file formats, see the article Importing and Exporting Bank Files.

Use the list below to identify which files to order in the bank. Please notice that your bank may require a subscription to or purchase of some of the files. Contact your bank to request the needed bank files, and to get more information about your bank's terms and conditions for the file transfer.

Bank communicationSend paymentsImport statusUpdate statusImport paymentsReconcileDirect Debit
DirectPSD2 APINot supportedPSD2 APINot supportedPSD2 APINot supported

Direct Communication

In order for Payment Management to communicate bank data between Business Central and your bank, Payment Management collaborates with Bizcuit, who is a PSD2-licenced payment service provider.

To use the services of Bizcuit, you must create an account at Bizcuit. The signup is handled through the Payment Management Bank Account Setup, a setup that prepares your bank accounts for the use of Payment Management. From the bank account setup you will be redirected to the Bizcuit onboarding flow. For more information about Bizcuit and signup, see Bizcuit.

Use the list below to see which services are supported for Rabobank.

Direct debitG accountsSaving accountsBatch payments
Not supportedCheckmarkNot supported by bankCheckmark