Onboarding DNB with Direct Communication

As a customer of DNB, using Corporate Internet bank - DNB Connect, you can send and retrieve files between DNB and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using the Payment Management Direct Communication service.

This article explains the onboarding process of enabling direct communication between DNB Corporate Internet bank and Payment Management.


Before you start setting up direct communication with DNB, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Update the Payment Management app. To enable direct communication for your DNB bank accounts, the Payment Management app must be updated to the newest version, or as a minimum version
  • Subscribe to DBN Connect. You must subscribe to DNB Connect and have the necessary permissions in DNB Connect (administrator credentials) to authorize direct communication.
  • Relevant when using KID on customer invoices. As part of the DNB signup-flow, you will be asked about the length and modulus check your company uses, when sending outgoing invoices to your customers using KID. Please prepare for this.
  • Relevant for non-Norwegian customers. For now, DNB only offers digital onboarding from within Business Central to the Corporate Internet bank for their Norwegian customers. For DNB customers outside Norway, a request for direct communication must be handled manually. You must contact the Cash Management adviser at your bank and request an application form, which must then be returned to the bank. The application must be approved before you are able to use the direct communication service in Business Central, though you can start setting up direct communication whenever it suits you by following the guide below. By the end of 2021, DNB is expected also to be able to support digital signup for non-Norwegian customers.

To set up direct communication

  1. In Business Central, select the icon Search for page or report, enter Bank Account Setup, and then select the related link.

  2. In the bank account overview, select the bank account you wish to sign up for DNB direct communication. Verify that Communication is set to "Direct Communication", or make sure to activate this during the setup.

  3. Select Next to run the bank account setup and fill in the fields as necessary. When you reach the DNB signup page, depending on whether you are setting up a Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian DNB bank account, you must do the following:

    • Norwegian bank accounts: If you are a Norwegian customer of DNB, access the link Start DNB signup flow to start the signup flow. This will open a new tab in your browser from which you can start signing up to DNB direct communication. You must sign in with your DNB Connect credentials to run the signup flow.


      If you have multiple companies using DNB accounts, you will have to select all the bank accounts that you want to access via DNB Corporate Internet bank, although you are now only configuring Payment Management for one company. If you run this digital signup-flow again, you will overwrite whatever settings you may have had before. Therefore, you cannot run the signup for only one company at a time but must set up all bank accounts at once.

      When you've completed the signup-flow up to DNB you must return to the Payment Management Bank Account Setup guide.

    • Non-Norwegian bank accounts: If you aren't a Norwegian customer of DNB, you should not access the link on the signup page, as the request for direct communication must then be handled manually by filling in an application form. For more information, see Prerequisites.

  4. Continue the bank account setup until you are back at the bank account overview. The bank account's Status, displayed in the bank account overview, has been updated to Ready, however, you need to complete the following steps of this guide before the bank account is actually ready to use with direct communication. When the signup has been approved, you will receive the following 2 emails needed to finish the activation of direct communication:

    • An email from DNB, with the relevant information needed to complete the setup.
    • An email from Continia, stating that your onboarding signup has been approved.


    It can take up to 2 days before DNB has approved the signup and the connection has been established at Continia. You cannot use the direct communication service before having received the email confirmation from Continia.

  5. After having received the two email confirmations, select the icon Search for page or report, enter Bank, and then select the related link.

  6. In the bank list, open the bank card DNB Bank ASA Direct (DNBBANKASA_D).

  7. On the bank card, navigate to the FastTab Direct Communication and enter the requested information, which was included in the email confirmation from DNB:

    Client NumberThe client number (NO=Klient nummer, SE=Klient nummer, DK=Klientnummer) is in the mail received from DNB. The number must be 11 digits.
    Division No.The division number (NO=Avdelingsnummer SE=Divisionsnummer, DK=Afdelingsnummer) is in the mail received from DNB.
    Division NameThe division name (NO=Avdelingsnamn SE=Divisionsnamn, DK=Afdelingsnavn) is in the mail received from DNB.


    After having added information about the division in Business Central, you must log in to your online bank and go to Administration and Division to assign the needed permissions to the relevant users of the given division.

You have completed the onboarding of DNB for direct communication and you're ready to start using direct communication with DNB Corporate Internet bank for DNB Connect.