Preparing for Direct Communication Through Yapily


Utilizing an open banking service such as Yapily may result in additional transaction fees being charged by your bank. For more information, we suggest contacting the Cash Manager at your bank.

To integrate with your United Kingdom-based bank, Payment Management uses Yapily, a secure open banking API that offers payment services and enriched financial data. Before you can establish direct communication with your UK bank through Yapily, it is necessary to grant Yapily the required permissions. Once you granted Yapily permissions, you can set up direct communication. For more information on how to do that, refer to the steps outlined in Onboarding Yapily with direct communication article.

As each bank manages third-party access differently, the table below provides specific instructions and links for granting permissions for each bank. This information is subject to change, so when in doubt, please contact your bank for further assistance. If your bank is not listed, please refer to your bank for more information on how to grant permissions to Yapily.

BankPermission granting instructions
  1. Log in, open the Permissions tab, and in the left panel, select Additional banking services > Third party provider authorisation.
  2. For the Manage third party provider authorisation row, now select the Enquire, Consent, and Revoke checkboxes.
BarclaysRefer to the How do I give my permission to a TTP article on Barclay's website. To obtain third-party access permissions at Barclays, users need to be assigned a pre-built permission set. This permission set must be allocated and approved by the bank's system administrators. Typically, it consists of 4 or 5 different permission sets. For specific details and assistance, it is recommended to contact Barclays directly.
NatWestDownload Natwest's instructions in PDF.
Ulster BankDownload Ulster Bank's instructions in PDF.
Royal Bank of ScotlandDownload Royal Bank of Scotland's instructions in PDF.
Virgin MoneyRefer to the How can I consent to a Third-Party-Provider article on Virgin Money's website.


To connect banks through Yapily, you must have Business Central version 22 or higher.