Onboarding Nordea with direct communication

As a customer of Nordea, using the Nordea Corporate Access, you can send and retrieve bank files between Nordea and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using the Payment Management Direct Communication service.

This article explains the onboarding process of enabling direct communication between Nordea Corporate Access and Payment Management.


Before you start setting up direct communication with Nordea, make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • Update the Payment Management app. To enable direct communication, the Payment Management app must be updated to the newest version or as a minimum version

  • Subscribe to Nordea Corporate Access services. To establish the direct communication service between Payment Management and Nordea you must subscribe to Nordea Corporate Access and contact your Cash Management advisor to sign up for the following services:


    Nordea offers online training sessions on YouTube here for all the services mentioned above.

    You should inform Nordea that you're implementing a Continia Payment Management solution, for Nordea to set up your accounts and agreements with the required settings.

    The direct communication agreement must be established in Business Central for authentication and authorization. Having signed up to the above-listed services you will receive the needed information to activate the certificate for authentication in Business Central. You can read more about the services and needed information in the section Additional information.

To set up direct communication

  1. In Business Central, select the icon Search for page or report, enter Bank Account Setup, and then select the related link.

  2. In the bank account overview, select the Nordea bank account for which the direct communication service must be established. Verify that the Communication column is set to Direct Communication, or make sure to activate this during the setup. You can switch between Direct Communication and Manual Communication by using the dropdown menu.

  3. Select Next to run the bank account setup, and fill in the fields as necessary.

  4. On the Create certificate for direct communication page, type in the information that you received from the bank when you signed up for the Nordea Corporate Access service.

    User No.This is the "Signer ID" which has been created in the Corporate Access File Transfer agreement. See field #1. The User No is always 10 or 11 digits.
    PIN CodeThis is the "Activation Code for Nordea eID" which you should have received in a text message from Nordea.
    Company IDThis is the "Sender ID-number" in the Corporate Access File Transfer agreement. See field #2. The company ID is always 10 or 11 digits.
    Certificate HolderThis is the "Name" in the Corporate Access File Transfer agreement. See field #3.
    Agreement No.Agreement No. is available in the Corporate Access File Transfer agreement. See field #4.


  5. Continue the bank account setup until you are back at the bank account overview. The bank account's Status, displayed in the bank account overview, should now have been updated to Ready, which means that you are ready to start using direct communication.

Additional information

  • Changing a Signer ID. Signer ID (user ID) is automatically created when establishing the Corporate Netbank Administration agreement. This is normally the Signer ID that is used for the onboarding process in Business Central. However, if you wish to use another Signer ID for Business Central, you can create a new Signer ID in your Nordea Corporate Online Bank under the menu item Corporate Access File Transfer. If you, when you create the new Signer ID, choose to create a "Company Certificate" of type "Other", instead of a Personal Certificate of type "Social security number", please be aware when you fill in the field Last Name, not to use slash (/) or other special characters, as for example "Cronus A/S".
    See this image for reference.
    You can find documentation on Corporate Access File Transfer here.
  • Managing files and formats. Nordea has also, for the Signer ID (user ID), defined in which format you (Payment Management) uses when sending payments, and registered which files should send back to you in Business Central from Nordea (status files, customer payment files and bank account statement files). This is based on the information provided by you to Nordea when creating the agreement and should normally be adequate for you to get the most out of Payment Management. However, if you have created a new Signer ID, as covered in the section above, you must set up these file subscriptions yourself or ask your Nordea contact person for assistance. This is normally a job for the person who is the administrator of Corporate Netbank Administration, who under the menu item Corporate Access Account Reporting, assigns the Signer ID (user) individual access (subscription) to these files. Go to the Nordea bank integration article to see which files you should order for Corporate Access Account Reporting.
    You can find documentation on Corporate Access Account Reporting here.
  • Managing account rights. Account rights may be agreed with Nordea when setting up a new agreement and services and if so, the account rights will be registered by the bank. Otherwise, or if you create a new Signer ID, you should set up account rights for each of the payment types used in Corporate Access, and connect them to the correct Signer ID (always needed). To manage the account rights, go to Corporate Netbank Administration, select Corporate Access Payables, choose Signer ID and update accordingly. When setting up account rights, the field Manual Confirmed, defines whether you want to send payments straight through Nordea (un-ticked), without additional approval in Corporate Netbank, or if you want to manually confirm payments in Corporate Netbank (ticked). Remember to confirm your settings by selecting Save.
    You can find documentation on Corporate Access Payables here.
  • Ordering a Signer/Nordea eID. Finally, you have, in Corporate Netbank Administration under the menu item Corporate Access File Transfer, ordered a Signer/Nordea eID and have received a text-message from Nordea with this information.
    You can find documentation on Corporate Access File Transfer here.

If necessary, contact your usual contact person or cash management advisor at Nordea for further information and assistance.

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