Onboarding Rabobank to use Direct Communication

To integrate with Rabobank, Payment Management offers three different options: manual communication, direct communication through Bizcuit, and direct integration through their API. This article describes how to set up direct communication for Rabobank using direct integration.

To set up direct communication with Rabobank, you require:

  • User account: Owner (Eigenaar) or AdministratorPlus (BeheerderPlus)
  • Service: Rabo Business Banking or Rabo Business Banking Pro

You must authorize the user account to share account permissions with a third party. For more information, go to rabobank.nl. For information about general preparation, refer to the next section of this article.

To prepare your Rabobank Account

To use Payment Management to communicate directly with Rabobank, you must make some preparations.

To set user permissions on the bank account:

  1. Go to Overzicht (Overview) > Gebruikersauthorisaties (User authorizations) > Overzicht Gebruikers (Users overview) > Gebruiker (User) > Per rekening (Per account), and select a bank account.

  2. Enable the following:

    • Saldo inzien (View balance)
    • Transacties inzien (View transactions)
    • Aanmaken en ondertekenen (Create and sign)
    • Inzien, aanmaken, wijzigen en verwijderen (View, create, edit, and delete)

To set user permissions on Rabobank:

  1. On Rabobank, go to Overzicht (Overview) > Gebruikersauthorisaties (User authorizations) > Overzicht Gebruikers (Users overview) > Gebruiker (User) > Algemeen (General).

  2. Navigate to Betalen (Payment), and enable Importeren betaal en incassobestanden (Import of payment and direct debit files).

  3. Navigate to Inzage, and enable Gegevens van passen en rekeningen inzien (Access to cards and accounts).


    Once set, it is important to keep the authorizations to prevent 404 errors from being displayed.

To set up direct communication with Rabobank

To integrate with Rabobank directly, go through the steps of the assisted Assisted Setup guide Set up Bank Account in Payment Management.

  1. In Business Central, select the icon Search for page or report, enter Bank Account Setup, and select the related link.

  2. Select Next to start the assisted setup.

  3. On the Bank System field, select Rabobank, and select OK.

  4. Select Next to continue.

  5. Select Connect to Rabobank. You are now directed to the login page of your bank.

  6. Log in to your bank, select one or multiple accounts, and select Confirm. A token is sent to Business Central. Continia uses this token to start the communication with your bank account.

  7. Select Next. Now you can make payments and download account statements. To download account statements

The bank account reconciliation using Rabobank uses standard Payment Management reconciliation functionality. For instructions on how to set up the bank accounts reconciliation, refer to the Setting up Statement Intelligence article.

Reconciling bank accounts with Statement Intelligence makes it possible to import bank statements from Rabobank directly into the bank accounts reconciliation and automatically match statement lines with posted Bank Account Ledger Entries. For more information, refer to the Reconciling Bank Accounts overview.