KID Payments

A KID number (customer identification number) is a payment reference used for Norwegian account-to-account payments to identify the customer or vendor, as well as the invoice paid. The length of a KID number can vary from 2-25 digits.

The banks in Norway offer to store the KID number for each registered transaction (as additional information to name, address, and account number) to make it easier for companies to keep track of payments.


An agreement about using the payment method KID must be approved by the bank before sending an invoice with KID, otherwise, the online bank will reject the KID number and cancel the transaction.

To pay vendors with KID

  1. Use the Search for page or report icon and search for Vendors, then select the related link.
  2. Open the relevant vendor card.
  3. On the vendor card, navigate to the FastTab Payments.
  4. In the field Payment Method Code, choose the payment method KID (KID Payment).
  5. Fill in other relevant payment information such as Preferred Bank Account Code and Balance Account No.


    The vendor bank account must have been set up with Bank Account No., SWIFT Code, and IBAN.