Approver count in Payment Approval Management

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Approver count in Payment Approval ManagementCheckmark Oct 2023-

Business value

With the Payment Approval module, you can set up a secure and safe approval process for approving vendor, employee, and customer payments. With the addition of an approver count, you can now simplify your approval workflows by ensuring that decisions are reached efficiently, involving only the necessary approvers, and reducing unnecessary delays in the process.

Feature details

Introducing the "All until limit" method offers a valuable enhancement to the approval process for journal batches and individual lines. Unlike the traditional "All" approach, where approvals are sequential, the "All until limit" method sends approval requests simultaneously to all designated approvers. This new method introduces an "Approval Limit" field, streamlining the process by specifying the number of approvals needed to complete the request. This functionality significantly enhances efficiency and responsiveness in the approval workflow.

To learn more about this Payment Approval setting, see the Setting up Payment Approval Workflows article.