Authentication with Bizcuit

Bizcuit is one of the leading gateways in the Netherlands for integrating to banks via PSD2 and traditional bank communication. Continia Payment Management integrates seamlessly to Bizcuit, so you can download bank account statements and initiate payments directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

You still need a Bizcuit account, but as Continia and Bizcuit has entered into a strategic partnership you have one of the most attractive offerings on the market. In short, you get unlimited users on the Bizcuit platform, and all standard transaction fees are included in the Continia pricing.

The direct communication services supported by Bizcuit depend on your bank. Use the Bank Integration as an access point to your bank to find information about which services are supported for your bank.

To sign up to Bizcuit

The following guide describes the basic steps, in order to sign up to Biscuit with Payment Management. We refer to Bizcuit's website for further information and guidance about the signup process.

  1. Select the icon Search for page or report, enter Bank Account Setup, and then select the related link.
  2. In the bank account overview, select the bank account that must be linked to Bizcuit. Verify that Communication is set to "Direct communication".
  3. Continue the bank account setup until you reach the Bizcuit signup page.
  4. Access the link to start the signup flow. This will open a new tab in your browser, from which you can start signing up to Bizcuit:
    1. Link your account:
      1. Confirm your identity with iDIN, using the login details of your personal bank account.
      2. Add your business account.
      3. Specify the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of the organization.
    2. Create your administration with company information such as the name, the Chamber of Commerce number, and an incoming and outgoing email address.
    3. Link your bank accounts.
  5. When you have signed up to Bizcuit you will be redirected back to the Payment Management bank account setup.
  6. Continue the bank account setup guide until you are back at the bank account overview. The bank account's Status, displayed in the bank account overview, will specify if the bank account is ready for use.


    It can take up to 2 days before your bank account is up and running with Bizcuit.


iDIN is a collaboration between all major Dutch banks, allowing customers to use their personal bank login for the authentication of identification on various online websites and organizations (such as Bizcuit).

When using your personal bank account to link a business account to Bizcuit, it will purely be used to confirm your identity. Bizcuit will not have access to your personal bank account data.


The European revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has been in force since 2019, stating the customer now being in charge of their bank data and payment solutions. The new legislation provides the legal framework within, which all payment service providers must operate.

Following the introduction of the new legislation, Bizcuit has developed an innovative solution that offers to proceed with all administrative and financial transactions within the Bizcuit app. Bizcuit has been granted a PSD2 license by the DNB, allowing the app to operate with fully automatic links to all banks. You can read more about how Bizcuit complies with the PSD2 regulations in the article What is PSD2 on the Bizcuit webpage.

Additional guides for the Bizcuit onboarding process

On Bizcuit's website, you'll find several helpful guides for the process of onboarding your company bank accounts to Bizcuit. Get an overview of the most relevant guides in the list below:

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