Feature Management for Continia Payment Management

Continia will continuously release new features in accordance with the new Feature Management program. This program allows features to be released as minor updates in between major updates, if necessary. There will still be two major releases a year, in March and September respectively.

Features in minor updates are optional until the next major release and will then become mandatory with the major release. Any features that are released as part of a minor update are disabled by default, but administrators can choose to enable any or all of them from the Continia Feature Management page in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which lists all available features for each app. The administrators can also safely disable the features again during the grace period leading up to the next major update, although this may not be possible for some of the features. If a feature for some reason can't be disabled, you'll be notified about this before enabling it. When the next major update is released, all minor-update features will become mandatory and be enabled for all customers. At the same time, they will disappear from the Continia Feature Management page.

Making new features available ahead of time enables you to test them and prepare your organization for the upcoming changes. Note that all minor updates released via Feature Management will be listed in the table on the New and Planned for Continia Payment Management page with a footnote stating that the features are available for preview.


There may not always be optional features available in the Continia Feature Management page, as the number of these varies from time to time. Immediately after any major release, the number of optional features available is likely to be zero.

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