Using job queues to schedule tasks

Payment Management uses the Business Central Job queue functionality to streamline business processes and process repetitive tasks automatically. A job queue uses the task scheduler to let you view, create, or modify jobs that are set to run specific codeunits in the background. You can set jobs to run one time or regularly. For an overview of all the existing jobs, select the search icon and search for Job Queue Entries.

Payment Management comes with the following default codeunits:

6216327CPM Update Pmt.Jnl.Line StatusUpdates the status line in the payment journal. By default, set to the recurring time interval of 60 minutes.
If, on the bank card, you select to update the payment journal line status automatically, it will run this Job queue on the selected time interval and update the status accordingly. See the Managing Journal Lines article for more information.
6216279CPM Update Setup FileChecks if there are any new setup files.
6216305CPM Upgrade BankSystem/BankUpdates the bank system automatically.
6216231CPM Send Notice Email JobSends email notifications about payments. The payments must have been posted before a job queue can send them. Dependent on notification setup. See the Setting up Email Notifications article for more information.
6216335CPM Import Payment Receipt JQAutomatic import of payment receipts (camt.053) to the cash receipt journal. See the Importing Customer Payments article for more information.
6216245CPM Curr. Exchange Rate ImportAutomatically imports the exchange rate. See the Setting up Currency Exchange Rates article for more details.
6216310CPM Acc. Stmnt. Job QueueAutomatically imports statement data to the bank export data. See the Importing and Reconciling Bank Statements article for more details.
6216550CPM Aut. Import to ReconcAutomatically imports data to the bank reconciliation journal. Dependent on the setup of bank account data. See the Importing and Reconciling Bank Statements article for more details.
6216318CPM Suggest Vendor PaymentAutomatically suggests vendor payments for the specific journal.