Introducing Payment Approval

With the Payment Approval module, you can set up a secure and safe approval process for approving vendor, employee, and customer payments. You can set up one approval workflow per payment journal and specify whether the lines must be approved individually or if the entire batch must be approved as one. You can only set up and use Payment Approval on Payment Management-enabled payment journals.

For a short introduction to the functionality of the Payment Approval module, watch the video:

The following table lists the articles available for setting up Payment Approval and managing approval requests.

Create and set up approval workflows for a payment journal.Creating payment approval workflows
Edit and update existing approval workflows.Editing payment approval workflows
Request approvals and manage these requests.Working with payment approvals
Learn how to verify bank accounts to securely process payments.Enabling bank account verification


If you are using the on-premises version of Business Central and want to work with the Payment Approval workflow, version 18 or later is required.