Managing Amount Differences

When Statement Intelligence performs automatic reconciliation, you might experience the status box on a bank statement line stating that the line has a bank ledger entry difference. Amount differences between imported bank statement lines and bank account ledger entries can occur for many reasons, such as customers not taking the cash discount into account.

Deviations of matched lines are handled from the ledger journal, where a new line for the amount difference will be created automatically by Statement Intelligence, after which the ledger entry can be posted and applied to the bank statement line in the bank account reconciliation.

To manage amount differences from the bank account reconciliation, you must specify a general journal batch and general journal template to use for amount differences on the bank account. For more information see Set up bank accounts for Statement Intelligence.

To manage amount differences during the bank account reconciliation

  1. Use the Search for page or report icon and search for Bank Account Reconciliations, then select the related link. This opens the list of bank account reconciliations.
  2. On the required bank statement, navigate to the Bank Statement Lines and see the column Status. Bank statement lines with amount differences will have the status Bank Ledg. Entry Diff.
  3. In the action bar, select Journals > General Journal. This will open the general journal where ledger entries for amount differences have been created.
  4. Validate the ledger entries.
  5. Post the ledger entries from the action bar by selecting Post/Print > Post.

Bank account ledger entries will now be created for the amount differences and the bank statement line can be fully applied.