Detailed Changelog for Continia Payment Management 2020 R2

This article lists all new updates, features, service packs, and hotfixes for Continia Payment Management 2020 R2.


This version of Payment Management is no longer supported. As a consequence of this, Continia will no longer correct any errors appearing in this version, and no further service packs relating to the version will be released. For supported versions of Payment Management, see Software Lifecycle Policy and Continia Payment Management On-Premises.


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Payment Management 2020 R2 Service Pack 1

Released: January 27, 2021
Online version:
On-premises version:

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationChecks has been added to ensure the currency code is not assigned to journal lines or bank statement lines if the currency code on the Bank Account equals the LCY code of the company.21287
General ApplicationSupport for multiple bank systems added to the assisted bank account setup. If multiple bank systems are available for a bank, the user must select which bank system to use for the bank account.11645
General ApplicationIt is now possible to see what version of a given bank system setup is active in the system. The data is available on the Bank system card.18488
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed bug in Update Posting Date from status.21622
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue with the filter on status being disregarded when posting.21932
Payment and Cash ReceiptsImprovements to Payment Export to ensure "Exported To Payment File" is set properly.21998
Payment and Cash ReceiptsOCR reference type added to Sales and receivables setup for use with reports.22450
Payment and Cash ReceiptsAdded option to specify if closed entries should be searched when matching Customer Ledger Entries in the Payment Receipt Journal.22499
Payment and Cash ReceiptsAdded a setting to exclude credit memo when summarizing payments when using the suggest vendor payments action. A default for the setting can be set on the payment journal setup page. A new field on the vendor makes it possible to enable the excluding of credit memos when summarizing payments. The new setting includes the following options: Vendor Specific No All "Vendor specific" excludes credit memos based on the setting on the vendor. "No" does not exclude credit memos. "All" exclude all credit memos.20780
Payment and Cash ReceiptsWhen creating vendor payment suggestions it is now possible to exclude vendors with a negative balance.20783
Payment and Cash ReceiptsImprovements for the payment notification email. This involves that the vendor name is added to the subject line. Also, if there is no email or web address in the company information, the labels in the footer will not be shown19055
Statement IntelligenceBetter support for Vendor payments in Statement intelligence. It is now possible to set up Reconciliation Rules for vendors just as it always has been for customers. This will help recognize reconciliation lines that belong to vendor payments. Possibility to support reconciliation of payments created via SEPA Direct Debit or created outside of Business Central. This new feature makes it easier to create the payment journal lines based on the reconciliation lines and transfer them to the payment journal ready for posting, after which they will be automatically reconciled.20990
Statement IntelligenceThe Customer Reconciliation Rules has been deprecated and Account Reconciliation Rules is introduced to support reconciliation suggestions for vendors.21134

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationStandard sender reference definition template is now set.21709
General ApplicationAn issue has been fixed concerning a missing step in the vendor setup tool leading to not being possible to choose payment methods or change them. Also, a filter has been added to the vendor no. column in the assisted setup tool.22226
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue with validation of Cost Type Code.22154
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue with Balance Account/Payment Method validation on Purchase Documents.22162
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue concerning a blank test email for email notifications.22210
Payment and Cash ReceiptsAn option to disable customer search when importing payment receipts has been added. Default is now disabled.22253
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue concerning blank amounts in payment receipt import.22274
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue with currency adjustment for Bank Accounts in foreign currencies.22731

Payment Management 2020 R2 - RTM

Released: December 3, 2020
Online version:
On-premises version:

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationThe fields on Bank Export Data List Page has been rearranged to give a better overview of the most used fields.18741
General ApplicationThe Exchange Rate Setup page is made searchable from the client.19491
General ApplicationIndentation of entries implemented on the Bank Export Data List Page to give the user a better overview of the relation between header and line entries. Implemented a freeze column on the page making the most important fields visible when using the scroll bar.20238
General ApplicationActions added on the Bank Export Data page that enables a simple view with fewer fields visible and an advanced view with all the fields.20239
General ApplicationThe field "Text Encoding" is added to the Bank Card to enable setting a specific text encoding when creating the payment file.20570
General ApplicationAlternate Address 2 field added to Vendor.20727
Statement IntelligenceDifferences in the symbols of transaction-IDs can now be handled.20966
Statement IntelligenceThe field "Customer Name" has been added to the Customer Ledger Entries Page used in the Bank Account Reconciliation. The field is visible if the setting "Copy Customer Name to Entries" is enabled in the Sales & Receivables Setup.21015
Statement IntelligenceA setting "Include Statement No. in journal description" has been added to the Payment Management Setup Page. The setting can be enabled if the Statement No. from the Bank Account Reconciliation must be included in the description of the journal lines created by Statement Intelligence.21016

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue with permission error in cash receipt journal.21017
Payment and Cash ReceiptsA fix has been made so Applied Entry No. is not 0 in Credit Transfers.21105
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed issue with table lock being set to late, potentially enabling double export.21125
Payment and Cash ReceiptsCreated message to recipient if no entry is applied, and notifications are rebuild.21160
Payment and Cash ReceiptsThe Payment discount date is now correctly moved and and added to lines made through 'Make Suggestions'.21201
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed Dimension error when suggesting vendor payments.21885
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFix run modal error caused by number series management when importing Payment receipts.21913
Payment and Cash ReceiptsWhen assigning the account no. on the cash receipt journal line with a customer no. an additional check is made to ensure the customer exists and is not blocked. When looking for customer ledger entries to apply the search is skipped if the document number found in a payment identification or notification is blank or zero.21952
Payment and Cash ReceiptsFixed an issue with currency code and Amount LCY when importing customer payments in FCY in the cash receipt journal.20314
Statement IntelligenceFixed a bug where a general journal line is posted where both the account and the balance account is of type Bank Account. The reconciliation reconciles the wrong Bank Account Reconciliation Line with the wrong Bank Account Ledger Entry.20602