Setting up Vendor Information

The following table describes a sequence of guides for setting up purchase and payment information, with links to the articles.

Specify default settings and codes, such as payment notification settings and regional setup, for the available payment methods. Furthermore, you'll find a guide on how to create a new payment method in the system.Setting up Payment Methods
To map the payment methods between Document Capture and Payment Management.Setting up payment method mapping
Define, update, and review payment information for multiple vendors.Setting up vendor payment information
Set up payment journals with Payment Management for processing vendor and employee payments.Setting up Payment Journals
Find all the Payment Management-specific fields on the vendor card and learn how to benefit from them.Using the Payment Management fields on the vendor card
Add payment reference codes for vendors and bank accounts, and set up or update the payment reference templates used for creating messages on your payments.Setting up Payment References
Set up cost type codes for the management of payment fees.Setting up Cost Types
Set up alternate addresses for payments where the address involves special characters.Defining Alternate Payment Addresses
Manage purchase documents and define how these must be validated.Setting up Purchase Documents
Configure when you want the validation of purchase journals to run.Setting up validation of purchase journals
Define and manage regulatory reporting codes used for cross-border and Treasury payments.Setting up Regulatory Reporting Codes