Importing PSP payments

Payment Management lets you import payments from payment service providers (PSPs) using different PSP agreements to set up the bank account and the import rules. This way, you can easily import data from third-party service providers such as marketplaces and payment services and don't have to enter the data for each payment manually.


Only users with the CPM365 ADMIN, SUPER, or CPM PSP IMPORT permission set can create PSP agreements and import PSP files.

To import payments from payment service providers:

  1. Use the Search for page or report icon, and search for Cash Receipt Journals, then select the related link. Alternatively, from the top action bar, select Cash Management > Cash Receipt Journal.

  2. To ensure third-party payments are allowed for the journal, navigate to the Batch Name field and select the three dots.

  3. On the General Journal Batches dialog, navigate to the Payment Service Provider Journal column. This column must be selected for PSP payments to be possible.

  4. Open the relevant journal, and select Import Payments. If you have not set up an agreement for the PSP, you will be prompted to do so.

  5. On the Import Payments dialog, in the PSP Agreement field, you can select the PSP agreement that you want to import payments for. By default, the PSP agreement is filled in. Optionally, you can add a manual document number and specify that you want the account lines to be created per posting date. Select Ok.

  6. You are now prompted to select the file for import. Continia converts the file and sends the data to Continia online, making it possible to import the data to the Cash Receipt Journal in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


For an overview of the total amount for different customers, bank accounts, currency codes, and G/L accounts, you can use the statistics page. On the action bar, select Actions > Journal Statistics to open it.

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