Reconciling Bank Accounts

The following articles describe how Payment Management Statement Intelligence performs bank account reconciliations.

Before you start reconciling bank accounts, make sure to close all the open bank account ledger entries to let Statement Intelligence search and match only the relevant bank entries.Starting bank account reconciliation
Learn about how to import a bank statement and understand how Statement Intelligence handles the automatic reconciliation.Importing and reconciling bank statements
Apply suggested customer-, vendor-, or employee ledger entries.Applying ledger entries
Manually reconcile the bank statement lines that haven't been automatically reconciled.Reconciling bank statement lines manually
Manually match the bank statement lines with the bank account ledger entries. This can be necessary when Statement Intelligence can't perform automatic matches or create reconciliation suggestions.Matching bank statement lines manually
Post accounts receivable or vendor payments created in a temporary journal by Statement Intelligence.Managing open payments from the bank account reconciliation
Manage amount differences during the bank account reconciliation, and validate and post the ledger entries.Managing amount differences
Learn about how Statement Intelligence identifies the exchange rate differences and how to manage these differences in the bank account reconciliation journal.Reconciling exchange rate differences
Merge bank statement lines manually or by using the Merge rule.Merging bank statement lines
Limit the processing time by importing a bank statement without it being reconciled by Statement Intelligence.Importing bank statements without reconciliation
Undo a bank account reconciliation.Undo a bank reconciliation