Adding a Vendor

For each vendor you purchase from, you must add a vendor card. This article describes the Payment Management-specific fields on the vendor card and how to benefit from them.

To add a vendor:

  1. Use the Search for page or report icon and search for Vendors, then select the related link.

  2. On the action bar, select New.

  3. On the Select a template for a new vendor page, select the template.

  4. On the Vendor card, you can set up the following information:

    • Vendor bank accounts - on the action bar, select Vendor > Bank Accounts. See the Setting up vendor bank accounts article for more information.

    • Regulatory reporting codes - for payments for cross-border and treasury payments, you can set up reporting codes: on the action bar, select Home > Regulatory Reporting Codes. See the Setting up Regulatory Reporting Codes article for more information.

    • Language used for email notifications - navigate to the Address & Contact FastTab, and in the Language Code field, enter the language of preference. See the Setting up email notifications article for more information.

    • Payments FastTab - several Payment Management-related fields that include settings for excluding payments, specifying payment methods, and defining payment references. See The Payment Management fields on the Vendor Card article for more information.