Suggesting and processing employee payments

With Payment Management, you can take advantage of an extended payment journal that provides enhanced functionality for your payment processes. This includes features like payment validation and direct communication with the bank when creating and sending payments to vendors and employees.

To use the extended payment journal, Payment Management must be enabled and set up on the payment journal. For more information, see the Setting up payment journals with Payment Management article.

To create employee payment suggestions


Before creating an employee payment suggestion, you must fill in the fields Balance Account No. and the Payment Method Code on the Employee card for the existing employees.

To create employee payment suggestions:

  1. Use the Search for page or report icon and search for Payment Journals, then select the related link.
  2. Open the relevant journal, and on the action bar, select Home > Suggest Employee Payments.
  3. Define the relevant criteria for suggesting employee payments.
    • In the Use Payment Information from Employee field, select Yes if you want to use, for example, the balance account number and payment method code that is set up on the Employee card. To only use details from the Employee card if it's missing from the employee ledger entry, select Use for Missing Fields.
  4. Select OK to create the suggested employee payment lines.


How employee expenses should be processed in the payment journal depends on the purpose of the payment suggestion. If the expenses have already been posted to a bank account and you want to post the bank ledger entries, the payment method Manual must be used. If you, on the other hand, want to transfer money to your employees, you must use a payment method, for example, BTD, that is accepted in the bank.