USD Payments

To perform payments in United States dollars ($USD) certain information must be specified on the vendor card. The information needed can be a combination of either Account number + SWIFT or Account number + Bank Clearing Standard and Code.

To pay vendors in USD

  1. Use the Search for page or report icon and search for Vendors, then select the related link.
  2. Open the relevant vendor card.
  3. On the vendor card, in the action bar, go to Navigate > Bank Accounts and create or open a vendor bank account card.
  4. On the vendor bank account card, navigate to the FastTab General, and fill in Country/Region Code, Currency Code, and Bank Account No.
  5. Under the FastTab Transfer, fill in bank account information in accordance with one of the following two options:
    • SWIFT Code
    • Bank Clearing Standard and Bank Clearing Code
  6. Close the vendor bank account card, and go back to the vendor card.
  7. Navigate to the FastTab Payments, and select the payment method code BTI (International Bank Transfer).
  8. Fill in other relevant payment information such as Preferred Bank Account Code and Balance Account No.