Creating an OCR reference for Bankgirot

An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) number is a specially formulated reference number that is usually found at the bottom of a payment advice slip. Its purpose is to identify the payer and the payment. Bankgirot uses OCR as a means of transaction security and risk management.

You can use Payment Management's OCR reference interface to create BankGirot OCR-strings to use for reports on, for example, invoices. Every time you print or send an invoice to the customer, the Bankgirot OCR is on the invoice, and the customer can use it as a payment method.

To set up the OCR type for Bankgirot:

  1. Use the Search for page or report icon and search for Sales & Receivables Setup.
  2. On the General FastTab, navigate to the Payment Reference Type field, and from the drop-down box, select Bank Giro.
  3. Use the Search for page or report icon and search for Reports Layouts.
  4. On the Report Layouts page, in the search box, enter 1306 and select the StandardSalesInvoicewithOCR.docx layout.
  5. Run the report and verify that the OCR reference is created.