Payment journals

The first time you use a payment journal with Payment Management enabled, you'll be asked to set it up. The payment journal setup forms the basis of the vendor payment suggestions in the given payment journal. View the following articles for all the relevant information about Payment Management-enabled payment journals.

Activate Payment Management on a payment journal, set it up, and manage the required status for posting payments.Setting up payment journals
In the Payment Journal Setup, you can specify how you want Payment Management to manage the payment journal lines suggested in the payment journal.Managing document numbers
Allow for credit memos and refunds to be included in the payment when creating payment suggestions.Including credit memos and refunds
Summarize the payment lines in the payment journal, and thereby only send one payment line to the bank.Setup for summarizing payments
Enable the Use Exchange Rate Adjustment feature to allow Payment Management to automatically update the currency exchange rate on the unposted payment lines in the payment journal.Manage exchange rate adjustments
Specify how Payment Management should manage the posting dates in case payments can't be processed on the dates specified for the payment lines.Managing posting dates