Importing Bank Account Statements Without Reconciliation

By default, when importing bank account statements with Payment Management, the account statement will be reconciled by Statement Intelligence during import. In the case of large amounts of account statement data, the process of import and reconciliation may take longer than usual to complete.

You can reduce the import time by postponing the account reconciliation to later.

To import a bank account statement without reconciliation:

  1. Use the Search for page or report icon and search for Bank Account Reconciliations, then select the related link. This opens the list of bank account reconciliations.
  2. Open the bank account reconciliation journal for which you want to import account statement lines or create a new journal by selecting New in the action bar.
  3. On the bank account reconciliation journal, in the action bar, choose Related >Page > Show More Columns. This enables more functions on the bank account statement journal.
  4. On the action bar, go to Bank and select Import Bank Statement.

The bank statement will now be imported to the bank account reconciliation, and you can use Status on the lines to work with the bank statement lines.