Setting up Company Policies for Mileages

You can define company policies so certain repetitive work flows are triggered automatically. For example, it’s possible to trigger these actions:

Automatically approve documents below limitDocuments below a certain limit will be approved automatically. This can be useful if you want to avoid extra approval work when handling documents with very low amounts. You just set a fixed limit for a specific period of time, and everything will be approved automatically.
Refund documents only up to a certain limitThis rule sets an upper limit for the refundable amount for a certain document type. For mileage, this will make mileage refunds only up to this limit possible, while expenses will be allocated into a refundable and a non-refundable part.

It will be indicated to the approver and the admin if the limit was exceeded.
Give a warning for documents above limitA warning comment will be added to documents exceeding a certain limit. This will not prevent any documents from being approved or posted, but it will indicate to the approver and the admin that the limit was exceeded.

Company policies are defined for users or user groups on mileage vehicles and on the Expense Types page for a specific time period.

Setting up company policies for vehicles

To set up company policies for vehicles, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Vehicles, and then choose the vehicles you want to create a new company policy for.
  2. On the action bar, select Company Policies.
  3. Fill out the fields as necessary.