Detailed Changelog for Continia Expense Management 2021 R2

This article lists all new features and bug fixes for each version of Continia Expense Management 2021 R2.

Expense Management 2021 R2, hotfix 2

Released: November 24, 2021
App version:
FOB version: 8.01.02

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
General ApplicationWe have fixed an error when using the business vendor feature which was showing the following message.

"Purchase Invoice EXPENSE 1 already exists for this vendor."
ExpensesWhen posting a reconciliation journal, the following error would appear if the statement lines were manually inserted (without having an underlying statement transaction).

The Bank Transaction does not exists. Identification fields and value Entry No. = "0"
ExpensesFor the Spanish localization, the Document Type is only specified when documents are posted to the business Vendor. The Document Type is no longer specified for the employee vendor.
ExpensesWe have fixed an inconsistency error which was present when posting an expense where the default dimensions were changed during the posting. The error would come up with messages similar to the ones below.

"The changes to the Expense record cannot be saved because some information on the page is not up-to-date. Close the page, reopen it, and try again."

"Inconsistent read of field(s): 'Global Dimension 2 Code', on table 'Expense', identification values: 'Entry No.='xxxx''"
Per DiemOn the Per Diem validation we would sometimes show a wrong error message similar to the one below. This is due to a wrong calculation.

“There is no rate for the destination '' for the 08-06-21.”
Per DiemWe have fixed the following error message on the Per Diem, so that it shows the correct date in the placeholder.

"There is no rate for the %2."

Expense Management 2021 R2, hotfix 1

Released: November 8, 2021
App version:
FOB version: 8.01.01

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
General ApplicationPre-approved settlements with amounts exceeding the pre-approved amount are now sent for approval rather than having status "Open". At the moment, this is not what happens in EM 8.01 Business Central 2019 Spring (BC14).
General ApplicationThe automatic allocation did not work in Canada, in Business Central 2019 Spring (BC14) client due to a missing object.
General ApplicationPreview posting was sometimes failing with the error below when default dimensions were configured on accounts that were external to Expense Management (for example, a G/L Account). The functionality would have tried to copy those default dimensions back to the expense document. The functionality was failing to find the Expense Management document because, in preview mode, the relation between the expense document and the un-posted document '***' doesn't exist.

The Expense Header does not exist. Identification fields and values: Document Type='Settlement',No.='***'.
General Application"Tax Area Code" and "Tax Group Code" were missing on the Settlement expense subpage.
General ApplicationWhen sending a reminder email with two or more recipients, the following error would have occured:

“The email message has been deleted by another user.”
ExpensesWhen specifying a business Vendor on the Expense, if the employee Vendor would have had a currency code, the expense could not be posted. We have, instead, created a balancing line on the same currency code.
ExpensesWe have fixed an issue where the Tax Group Code was not copied from the Expense Type setup to the Expense.
ExpensesIn a settlement where Cash and non-Cash expenses would have been found, out of which some had Jobs specified, the balancing account would have been calculated incorrectly and therefore the expense would be posted as if it was Cash when the expense was not marked as such. This is found in systems where "Matching Required" is Never.
ExpensesWhen selecting a Vendor on the expense, in some specific cases, the balancing amount was incorrectly calculated to 0. The expense could not have been posted, then. We have fixed the issue.
ExpensesOn expense with "Vendor No." specified, in some specific cases, the following error would have occurred. That was because the posting currency was incorrectly calculated.

"Currency must be in Bank Account MASTERCARD".
ExpensesWe have fixed an issue that was leading with 0 amounts in the automatic allocation lines of the sales tax. This was happening only when the Expense was not yet inserted but the Tax Area and Tax Group would be specified.
ExpensesWe have fixed an issue where automatic allocations (due to Sales Tax) would not inherit Extra Fields values from the main expense to the allocation lines.
ExpensesWhen automatically allocating due to sales taxes, the Tax Area Code was not copied to the tax lines. If "TAX AREA CODE" was a mandatory field, the expense would have encountered an error in the mobile app, preventing the sending. The user were supposed to manually type the "TAX AREA CODE" values on all the allocation lines.

Expense Management 2021 R2 Service Pack 1

Released: October 1, 2021
App version:
FOB version: 8.01.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescription
General ApplicationPre-approved settlements with amounts exceeding the pre-approved amount is now send for approval, rather than having status "open". See also the changelog for the Web Approval Portal.
General ApplicationWe have added multiple new Event Publishers. The updated list can be found here.
General ApplicationWe now display validation comments on settlements.
Country and RegionalThe Faroe Islands localization is now supported in Business Central online.
Country and RegionalThe Greenland localization is now supported in Business Central online.
Credit Card TransactionsWe have added support for TAB sepparated files in the Transaction Import.
Per DiemIn the Per Diem rates page we have added an action for opening the Per Diem Groups.
Per DiemWe have introduced the possibility to control the default selections on a Per Diem, based on setup. On the Expense Management Setup the field "User chooses deductions" will make all per diem details to be set when creating new documents.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
General ApplicationImproved captions on the Continia User list.
General ApplicationIt was not possible to export expense attachments in the "old" web client on NAV installations.
General ApplicationWe have fixed an issue where the payment of a document didn't change the state in the Expense App for a purchase invoice.
General ApplicationWe have added the per diem destinations in the status report.
General ApplicationImproved captions in connection with Expense Approver ID.
General ApplicationWe have added the pre-approval settlements in the status report.
General ApplicationImproved captions on the per diem detail page.
General ApplicationIn the Configured Fields form in the classic client we displayed the following message in English: "Details are only displayed for Per Diem". Now the message is translated to the user's language.
General ApplicationReopening a document was not possible if there were unproceessed inbox entries. We are now allowing reopening if the document is Pending Approval or Approved.
General ApplicationUser Delegation was translated to User Responsibility in several languages. This was fixed in the Menu and in the User Delegation Page.
General ApplicationThe Expense Management version was wrongly stated as "Expense Management 2021 R1" in the About Continia Expense Management page and in the Solution Management page. We have corrected to "Expense Management 2021 R2".
General ApplicationApproval notification was not sent in the Expense App for a document that was automatically sent for approval.

Approval notification was not sent in the Expense App for a document that was automatically approved due to company policies.
General ApplicationWe have added the pre-approval amount and status to the settlement approval entries page in both NAV/BC and the Web Approval Portal.
General ApplicationOn the Settlement Card in the Classic client (NAV 2009 R2), when displaying a Per Diem line on the Settlement, and choosing Card from the Line menu button, it would display a Mileage.
General ApplicationA settlement submitted for pre-approval was not send back to the user, when approved or rejected by his/her approver.
General ApplicationImproved captions in Dutch.
General ApplicationImproved translations on the Continia Setup User page.
General ApplicationAdded pre-approval fields to the settlement list, when the feature is enabled from Expense Management Setup.
General ApplicationForce approval of pre-approval requests would not update the pre-approval status correctly, or send the settlement back to the expense user.
ExpensesIt was not possible to add allocations to an Expense in the classic client.
ExpensesWhen expenses were allocated based on the sales tax the functionality was not calculating correctly the tax amount.
ExpensesWe have added the missing "Vendor No." field on the expense-related forms. The field is necessary to enable post-to-business-vendor functionality.
ExpensesMismatch in the decimal places on the allocations would have triggered the error below, when the expense was posted. This was due to the fact that the amounts on the allocations would not fit to the total amount, leaving some decimal differences. These errors will now be signaled in the comment section and user input will be neccessary. The error is more user friendly.

"The transaction cannot be completed because it will cause inconsistencies in the G/L Entry table. Check where and how the CONSISTENT function is used in the transaction to find the reason for the error.

Contact your system administrator."
ExpensesWhen sending a reminder email to the expense users we would in some cases give a wrong message or no message to explain the choices.

Wrong message: "This expense contains values that have not been synchronized to Continia Online. This is required before this expense can be sent to the expense user. Would you like to synchronize values with Continia Online?"

The message should have said: "Do you want to send a status e-mail to all the users or only to the selected ones?"
ExpensesWe have fixed an issue where a promoted action on the expense allocations page would have said Category 4 instead of the actual caption.
ExpensesWe have fixed an issue that didn't allow the Approver to change allocation lines.
ExpensesWe have fixed an issue where the Tax Group Code was not copied from the Expense Type setup to the Expense.
ExpensesIn some cases it was possible to edit Dimensions on approved documents. We have changed this to follow the logic on the document. So if you can edit the document, then you can edit the dimensions.
MileageIn Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 the menusuite was still showing the "Default Vehicle per User" page which has become obsolette once we introduced the "Default Continia User Setup" functionality. The corresponding table is deleted in the upgrade routines, so the following error was received when trying to open the page.

"Cannot build the page 6086403. The metadata object Page 6086403 was not found."
MileageIt was not possible for a user with permission to edit approved documents to edit a mileage on the card form.
Per DiemOn the Per Diem list and card we are controlling the visibility of the "Departure Country/Region" and "Destination Country/Region" based on the setup that enables multiple destinations.
Per DiemPer Diem rates are re-calculated when changing destinations.
Per DiemWhen posting a per diem with multiple destinations (which had different posting setup) the functionality would not take into consideration the different setup for each destination.
Per DiemWhen using multiple destinations on a Per Diem there was a calculation error when the user would return in the home country, after he's been travelling abroad. The rate was calculated for the foregin country instead of the home country.
Per DiemWhen enabling multiple destination on the Per Diem, the functionality was always requesting for a default Per Diem rate (countr code empty). We have avoided these error messages.
Platform and TechnologyA user with a limited permission set including CEM-NAVUSER could not use the function Send to Expense User on the pages Expense Card or Expenses.

The user would get the following message: You do not have the following permissions on TableData CEM Synchronization Log: Read.
Platform and TechnologyMany tooltips were missing in the main areas of Expense Management. We have corrected the issue.
Document ApprovalThe field Settlement Pre-approval in the Expense Management Setup page was not translated and was thus displayed in English in all local versions.
Credit Card TransactionsAttempting to send a request for activation of a bank agreement in Demo, now results in an error immediately after pressing the action.
Credit Card TransactionsAdditional filter added when linking an activated bank agreement, to avoid conflicts in cases where different banks use the same agreement no.
Credit Card TransactionsWe have disabled the "next" button in the Agreement Activation Wizard, when all required information has not been provided.
Credit Card TransactionsAdded a missing duplicate on the bank transaction id, when importing transactions with the manual import tool.
Credit Card TransactionsIn BC18 and onwards it was not possible to do field mapping. We have fixed this.

Expense Management 2021 R2

Released: September 1, 2021
App version:
FOB version: 8.00.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescription
General ApplicationIt's now possible to allow selected users to edit approved documents in Expense Management. In the Continia User Setup, set the flag Can Edit Approved Documents. These users can now edit a selection of fields on documents with the status Pending Approval and Released. Fields that influence amounts on documents can't be modified unless a document is reopened and approved again.
General ApplicationIt's now possible to pre-approve settlements. The feature has to be enabled in the Expense Management Setup.
General ApplicationIt's now possible to post to a business vendor on an expense. This can be useful when the business vendor is known, and the transaction has to be visible in ledger entries. The functionality is activated by adding a "Vendor No." on an expense.
General ApplicationThe "send welcome email" feature has been expanded. Now, you can choose between sending/re-sending an email to a selection of users or just sending it to all the users who haven't received it yet.
General ApplicationWith the release of Expense Management 2021 R2 (8.00), we now support the modernized email communications in Dynamics 365 Business Central 2021 Wave 1 and newer. Expense Management uses the default profile when sending out emails.
General ApplicationWith the release of Expense Management 2021 R2 (8.00), Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC (Role Tailored Client) is no longer supported. NAV 2009 Classic Client will still be supported, and RTC is also still supported for Dynamics NAV 2013 and newer versions.

Even though Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC in Expense Management 2021 R2 (8.00) is no longer supported, Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC will be supported in future service packs released for Expense Management 2021 R1 (7.00)

When Expense Management 2022 R1 (9.00) is released in April 2022, no objects for the obsolete Dynamics NAV and Business Central versions will be released. Expense Management 2022 R1 (9.00) will only be released for Business Central 14 and newer versions.
General ApplicationIt's now possible to upgrade from older versions – as early as EM 2.60 – to EM 8.00 in one step. See the upgrade documentation for details.
General ApplicationThe name of the page Default Continia User Setup has been changed to Continia Users Default Setup.
General ApplicationA cue displaying the number of approval entries awaiting action has been added. When you select this tile, the Approval Entries page opens.
General ApplicationWe have marked the method CalcLookupValForFieldAndParent as "external" in the table 6086345 "CEM Field Type".
General ApplicationWhen generating demo data, an agreement with ID 11111111 was created. That no longer happens, as the new agreement activation doesn't expect an ID to be provided.
General ApplicationThe functionality that was dependent on permission set names has been improved, so that renaming permission sets will not affect behavior. In connection with this change, the functionality related to the CEM-NAVUSER permission set (limiting the documents that a user can view) was replaced by the "Limit Document Visibility" property in the Continia User Setup. The upgrade routine will update the new value.
ExpensesWe have added the possibility to specify if an attachment is recommended, optional or mandatory on an expense type. The rule will then be respected in the Expense App and the Expense Portal.
ExpensesNew fields containing the VAT amount and the amount without VAT have been added on the expense card and the expense split and allocate page.
TransactionsThe activation flow for the bank agreement has been changed. The user will be asked to provide transaction details, and if all conditions are met, Continia's support will activate the agreement.
Country and regionalSupport for per diem trips through different countries has been added.
Document approvalPerformance optimizations have been done in regard to approval flows.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
General ApplicationWhen trying to export the approval template or the reminder template from the Expense Management Setup page, no message was displayed if there was no template. This has been changed, so that if there's no template, the actions Export Template and Delete Template are hidden.
General ApplicationIn Field Type Dependencies, the condition "Has a specific value" and the expectation "Must have a specific value" can only be used for field types that meet specific conditions. If used with other field types, the Field Type Dependencies page displays an error message explaining the reason why. Field types must be of the type Code, must have lookup values, and must not depend on a parent field type.
General ApplicationIn extension-based versions of Business Central, the add-in on the settlement card wasn't refreshed when navigating to per diem lines, which it is now.
General ApplicationIt was possible to post documents with a job but without a task. This was misleading, and an error message is now displayed when a task is expected.
General ApplicationThe fields Employee Number and Employee Name have been removed from the Spanish version because employee posting would still require vendor information.
General ApplicationThe Notification Outbox cue had a rather long Danish translation "Ubehandlede notifikationer". This has been changed to "Fejl".
General ApplicationThe error SET-NOT-FOUND isn't displayed anymore when a settlement is reopened.
General ApplicationIn MS Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC, the expense fact box was not displayed. This issue has been fixed.
General ApplicationA confirmation dialog that was displayed when web services were created in Expense Management has been removed. This was causing a problem when upgrading from EM 6.50 to 7.00.

"The function UpdatePerCompany in the company initialization codeunit 6086102 in company XXX. has failed due to the following error: 'Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server attempted to issue a client callback to show a confirmation dialog box: Do you want to update all web services for Continia Online? (CodeUnit 6086360 CEM Create Web Services). Client callbacks are not supported on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server."
General ApplicationAn issue causing the error "You do no have the following permissions on CodeUnit CEM Business Setup Management Execute" when opening Business Setup was fixed.
General ApplicationA scenario where a document could be recreated by the expense user (in the Expense App or the Expense Portal) after the document was deleted from Business Central because updates were allowed has been blocked.
General ApplicationImprovements to translation quality, especially the French translation.
ExpensesBank transactions could be blocked in the Bank Transactions Inbox if the posting date was outside the allowed posting dates. For example, when the previous period had been closed, and the bank transactions arrived a few days later. It's now possible to change posting date, but only if the imported posting date is in a closed period. The error text on the Bank Transaction Inbox entry has been improved.
ExpensesWhen an expense was reopened and re-sent to the user, there would be a notification as if the document was new. The notification has been changed to reflect that it's an update.
ExpensesWhen trying to merge an allocated expense, you would get the error message "Expense %1 cannot be merged when it has been allocated to one or more lines". With this update, the parameter %1 will be updated with the expense entry number.
MileageIt was possible to change dimensions on a posted mileage. With this release, that's no longer possible.
MileageAn issue that was causing job ledger entries to be posted twice on a mileage has been fixed. The issue was introduced in EM 7.00.
Per DiemWhen a per diem with the status Pending Expense User was changed, an update was not sent to Continia Online. This issue has been fixed.