Supported Upgrade Paths for Continia Expense Management (FOB)

This article describes how to upgrade Expense Management for FOB versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. For information on how to upgrade Expense Management for app versions of Business Central, see Upgrading Continia Expense Management for app versions of Business Central.

Expense Management (EM) is available in many different versions. If you have an older version, you can always choose to update to the latest one, but note that it may not be possible to upgrade directly and that you may have to update your version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central as well.

We recommend that you upgrade if you:

  • Use a version of Expense Management that's no longer supported and you encounter an error that hasn't been corrected for that version.
  • Want to use functionality that's only available in newer versions than the one you're using.

In all other scenarios, we strongly encourage you to install service packs. We recommend that you always install the latest service pack to ensure that your version is updated and that any enhancements and bug fixes are implemented.


There's a possible add-in conflict when using Continia Document Output and Continia Document Capture – and by extension Continia Expense Management – and only upgrading one of the products. Read more here (only available to Continia Partners).

The following section provides the supported upgrade paths to the latest releases of Expense Management. Note that this section only outlines the upgrade paths – for more details and an in-depth overview, see the following articles (depending on what version you're upgrading to):