Setting up Mileage Expenses

Before you can start registering mileage expenses, you must configure the rules and values that define the company's mileage policies. All mileage expenses are related to a vehicle which defines elements such as mileage rates, reimbursement methods, and other rules. This general setup is typically performed once during the initial implementation.

Create vehicles and set up posting for expense users or expense user groupsSetting up Mileage Vehicles
Define start dates, rate values, and more for mileage ratesSetting up Mileage Rates
Define mileage expense policies to give warnings or automatically approve or even stop refunds at predefined limitsSetting up Company Policies for Mileages
Apply reimbursement methods for mileage expensesSetting up Reimbursement Method
Learn more about and apply the 60-day ruleSetting up the 60-day Rule
Set up mileage to deduct distance between home and officeSetting up Mileage to Deduct Distance between Home and Office
Define default mileage vehicles for expense users or expense user groupsSetting up the Continia Users Default Setup
Specify fuel posting account and mileage VAT rate for the fuel elementMileage VAT Calculation (UK)