Detailed Changelog for Continia Expense Management 2024 R1

This article lists all new features and bug fixes for each version of Continia Expense Management 2024 R1.


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Currently, Expense Management supports BC v14 and the three latest versions of Business Central. This will change with the release of Expense Management 2025 R1 (26.00) in April 2025. Expense Management 2025 R1 (26.00) and all future versions from then on will only support the three latest versions of Business Central.

The next version of Expense Management – Expense Management 2024 R2 (25.00) – will be the last version with support for Business Central April 2019 (BC v14).

Expense Management 2024 R1 Service Pack 1


This changelog is subject to change until the actual release date.

Expected release date: May 22, 2024
App version: 24.1.0
Fob version: 24.01

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionId
Credit Card TransactionsWhen the Card No. is blank on transactions imported as .csv file through Transaction template tool, users will get an error when trying to Approve and Transfer. 54141
Document ApprovalA new event was added in Codeunit CEM Approvals Mgt.:
  • OnAfterInitializeApprovalEntry.
The event publisher will provide opportunity to modify Approval Entry and the ApprovalAmounts, which are used for limit checks. This will be added in version 12.03, 24.01 and onwards. 
General ApplicationProcedure LockToSpecificDocumentNo() has been made externally available on all the relevant card pages.54658
General ApplicationEvent Publisher has been added to Codeunit CEM Mileage Inbox-Transfer:
  • OnAfterMileageInboxTransfer
Event Publisher has been added to Codeunit CEM Settlement Inbox-Transfer:
  • OnAfterExpHeaderInboxTransfer
Event Publisher has been added to Codeunit CEM Per Diem Inb.-Transfer:
  • OnAfterPerDiemInboxTransfer


Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionId
ExpensesWhen matching expenses with transactions, Credit Card No. was not copied to the expenses. 54577
ExpensesWhen using distribution codes based on tax calculations, a fully non-taxable receipt will create a 100% allocation for the selected non-taxable expense type.54920
ExpensesWhen updating the foreign currency on an allocated expense, the Amount (LCY) would have not been recalculated.55645
General ApplicationWhen adding an expense in status Pending Expense User that had pending updates to be downloaded to an Open Expense Report, the user changes were no longer synchronized to that expense.48682
General ApplicationThe Expense Management Status Report was failing when the Corporate Language was ESP.54225
General ApplicationWhen having multiple attachments, only the first attachment was presented in the Roletailored Client.54392
General ApplicationWhen posting expenses in foreign currencies where the Amount Rounding Precision allows more decimals than the local currency and Post in Expense Currency was enabled. The following error message was stopping the process. 
  • Amount (LCY) <Amount> needs to be rounded in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name='',Journal Batch Name='',Line No.='0'.
General ApplicationWhen upgrading from OnPrem to Cloud, the Default Table Mappings was not automatically calculated for Expense Management. 54723
General ApplicationThe CEM Pre-Cloud Migration Wizard in the departments, was not searchable. 54838
General ApplicationWhen adding filters on a Field Type, in the No. Of Source Table Filters, the calculated No. of Lookup Values was not updated. The issue was only visually not updated.55300
General ApplicationWhen previewing an unsupported attachment type, preview message was not downloading the file. 
General ApplicationWhen trying to open an approved document from the Approval Request Entries, it was not opening the document page or giving the error below.
  • Specify a filter for the <Primary Key Field> in the <Table Name> table.
MileagesIn the Spanish localization, when posting mileage, the Bill-to/Pay-to No. was not specified, resulting in a posting error.54427
MileagesWhen calculating mileage over a certain Starting Distance, the lower rate was not applied. Instead the next year rate was picked up, if this was specified.55306

Expense Management 2024 R1

Release date, online: April 2, 2024
Release date, on-premises: April 11, 2024
App version: 24.0.0
Fob version: 24.00


With its 2024 spring release, Expense Management will make a version leap from 12.00 to 24.00, meaning that versions 13.00–23.00 don't exist and never will. This was done in order to align the versioning of Expense Management with that of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionId
Country and RegionalIn the Belgian localization, an option to post an expense report by using multiple document numbers has been introduced. This is to ease the payment processing and is especially helpful for the EB Payment Journal. The functionality can be enabled in Expense Management Setup on the Expense Report tab: Post on multiple document numbers.46157
Country and RegionalWith the introduction of Enforced Digital Vouchers in BC23.2, attaching documentation as incoming documents, prior to posting purchase document and journals, will in certain localizations become mandatory.

When using Expense Management in an environment where Enforced Digital Vouchers are configured to check for attached files prior to posting, Expense Management will transfer the underlying digital vouchers to the posted documents.
When posting an Expense, the digital voucher will be enforced, and the expense cannot be posted without providing an attachment, which becomes the digital voucher. When posting Mileage and Per Diem, a tax report extract will be generated. This serves as a digital voucher for these documents.

How to enable the feature:

  • All versions prior to BC23.2: The feature can be enabled in Expense Management Setup.
  • BC23.2 and newer: The feature will be automatically enabled if “Digital Voucher Setup” and “Digital Voucher Entry Setup” are configured to check for attachments prior to posting.
  • Specifically for Denmark: When using BC23.2 or newer, and the environment is a production environment in Cloud, the Digital Voucher functionality is forcedly enabled from July 1st 2024. Consequentially Expense Management will automatically create Digital Vouchers from that date and onwards.
Credit Card TransactionsWhen using Enable Multiple User per Card on payment types, the credit card mapping fields (specified on Expense Management Setup) were shared across multiple payment types, making it difficult to use the functionality when having multiple payment types with different mapping rules.  The functionality is now moved on a Payment Type level and it makes it possible to have different fields for different payment types.53513
Credit Card TransactionsTransactions posted at import are no longer marked as System-Created Entry in the ledgers.53759
ExpensesExpense Management now supports distribution codes, giving the possibility to automatically allocate expenses based on predefined rules on the expense types. The distribution codes can be added on the expense types and automatic allocations will be triggered when the document is sent for approval.  In the Australian localization, the distribution codes can also allocate based on the GST percentage, once the AMOUNT INCLIDING TAX field is used. The allocation will also happen if the user changes expense types on the documents.50042
ExpensesAn EventPublisher "OnBeforeValidateAttachments" has been added in Codeunit 6086321 "CEM Expense-Validate" to allow bypassing our standard Expense Attachments validation.51117
ExpensesThe field Matched to Bank Transaction has been added on Posted Expense List and Card pages.53354
General ApplicationThe following events were updated in Codeunit 6086338 "CEM Settlement-Post":
  • Added Event Publisher OnAfterExpensePostGenJnlLine2.
  • Obsoleted Event Publisher OnAfterExpensePostGenJnlLine (redundant).
  • Obsoleted Event Publisher OnBeforeExpensePostGenJnlLine (redundant).
General ApplicationA new GDPR Retention Period (Years) field has been added to the Expense Management Setup page, to be used with the newly introduced Run GDPR Maintenance action on the Expense Management Setup page. This action deletes all data stored in Expense Management related to the posted documents older than the GDPR retention period (fiscal years) specified. 49231
General ApplicationPosting Date has been added to expenses and mileages. 50039
General ApplicationUpdated By Delegation User was changed to Submitted By Delegated User.50295
General ApplicationSubmitted By Delegated User is added to Expense Report.50297
General ApplicationThe following procedures on Page 6086402 "CEM Client Addin - Settlement" are now available for external access:
  • ClearImage
  • LoadImageFromRecID
General ApplicationThe column User ID has been removed from the Document Log Entries and System Log Entries pages. The change has been made to comply with GDPR legislation in certain countries, such as Germany. To adhere to bookkeeping legislation in other countries, like Denmark, the value remains accessible via Page Inspection (zoom). A user with sufficient permissions is still able to inspect the user ID by using the Page Inspection (zoom).52236
General ApplicationEnabling the option Check for attachment before posting of purchase document in the Expense Management Setup page specifies if the system should display an error message if no incoming document or Expense Management file is associated with the document at the time of posting. The check is imposed both on purchase documents and purchase journals.
The option only applies to on-premises environments and Business Central versions 23.1 and earlier.
General ApplicationNow the user export will only run if any changes necessitate a new export, reducing unnecessary excessive exports when configured in the Job Queue. If the export is run in a database where the data for export is unchanged since the last export, the following notification will be shown:
  • Nothing is exported, because no changes have been done since the last export.
Per DiemWhen users travel to the same destination for more than 3 months, the rate will be set to taxable in Per Diem. This is known as the "3-months rule" in Germany, and it's only available in this localization. The setting can be enabled from the Expense Management setup page under the Per Diem tab.  This functionality relies on the Address Code to do the calculations. 46291
Purchase ContractsThe system analyzes posted expenses and searches for recurring expenses, 3 in a row, to find possible purchase contracts.  The users will get a notification on the Expense Card and the Expense List pages if, based on the analysis results, the selected expense is recurring. There are two different notifications: 
  • Suggestion to create a new purchase contract based on the expense.
  • Suggest linking the expense to an existing purchase contract if a suitable purchase contract can be found in the system. 

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionId
Credit Card TransactionsThe error message appearing when creating Bank Transactions where Bank Country/Region field is not in the Bank Country Mapping table, has been improved. 41048
Credit Card TransactionsWhen using the EM Bank Reconciliations with multiple bank accounts, the  Balance Last Statement and Statement No. would have been incorrectly calculated.53165
Document ApprovalApprovers are now able to modify Expense Allocations when Expense is part of an Expense Report in Pending Approval Status.54255
General ApplicationFollowing Event Publishers have been made public/external:
  • Report 6086312 "CEM Batch Post Expenses" "OnBeforeOnOpenPage"
  • Report 6086313 "CEM Batch Post Mileage" "OnBeforeOnOpenPage"
  • Report 6086314 "CEM Batch Post Settlements" "OnBeforeOnOpenPage"
  • Report 6086315 "CEM Batch Post Per Diems" "OnBeforeOnOpenPage"
General ApplicationThe RTC Client would have crashed if the first attachment file was not available. The issue was introduced in the version 12.01.52792
Country and RegionalIn the Australian localization, when using distribution codes and both the AMOUNT INCLUDING TAX and the TAX AMOUNT were configured, the following error would have occurred when the system was trying to do the automatic allocation.
  • The tax amount entered (<value 1>) different from the calculated amount (<value 2>).