Setting up Per Diem Groups

Per diem groups are used to differentiate setups between multiple user categories. For example, in some companies in the logistics industry, there will be different per diem rates between different employee groups.

A per diem group is nothing more than a grouping of all the available rates for different countries and regions. A per diem group also contains allowance codes that specify which accounts should be used for each rate. An allowance code is an account, just like expense type is for expenses.

Allowance codes are linked to Business Central accounts, posting groups and VAT posting groups.

Default dimensions and posting setup can be configured on allowances.

Setting up per diem groups

To set up per diem groups, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Per Diem Groups, and then choose the related link.
  2. On the Action bar, select New.
  3. Decide if this per diem group should be set as the default one and assigned to all employees by ticking the field Default.
  4. On the Posting Groups section, it is possible to specify different rates for different destination countries or regions. Select the desired Destination Country/Region or leave it blank if one default setup should apply.
  5. Fill out the necessary Allowance Codes.
  6. In the Allowance Rate field, you can do drill down and create a new rate or select and existing one.


The Destination Country/Region is not required to have a value. When creating a setup, this Posting Group and, implicitly, the corresponding rate will be chosen when the per diem itself doesn’t have a Destination Country/Region specified. This setup can be useful for a small company that uses per diem allowances only in the country of residence. In this case, it’s not necessary to ask users about destination country/region since it will always have the same value.