Detailed Changelog for Continia Expense Management 2022 R2

This article lists all new features and bug fixes for each version of Continia Expense Management 2022 R2.

Expense Management 2022 R2 Service Pack 4

Released: November 21, 2023
App version:
FOB version: 10.04.00

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Credit Card TransactionsWhen importing transactions via the Transaction Import Journal, the Currency Code on the Bank Transaction will be set to empty if it matches the local currency of the company. 50454
ExpensesDimensions on the expense are no longer checked if allocations are present.46065
General ApplicationConfigured fields settings like Hide Visibility, Editable and Mandatory were overwritten when clicking Reset to Default Setup in Configured Fields. This was also happening automatically if settings were changed in the Expense Management Setup page.47940
General ApplicationWhen posting Per Diem in foreign currencies, the exchange rate was calculated based on the current travel day and not based on the posting date.48113
General ApplicationWhen a user without permissions on Expense Management objects would post a Purchase Invoice, the following error would have prevented him from posting:

"You do not have the following permissions on TableData CEM Expense: Read."

Expense Management 2022 R2 Service Pack 3

Released: June 20, 2023
App version:
FOB version: 10.03.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationIn the CH localization, we have introduced the feature of digitally signing expense and mileage attachments.45517
General ApplicationIntroducing the new CEM Image Quality (6086520) page, which offers users the ability to customize image size and quality settings. This feature provides the ability to override default values for Picture Size and Picture Quality, providing greater control.45546

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Credit Card TransactionsWe have addressed an issue where parallel processes downloading transactions could potentially result in duplicated entries in the bank transaction inbox.47472
ExpensesIn Canadian localization, when a user created expense allocations marked as non-taxable, the system incorrectly allocated them as taxable amounts for sales tax purposes.43601
ExpensesOn the expense card, the Amount without VAT field now displays the total amount when the VAT calculation type is Reverse VAT.46594
ExpensesWe have resolved a problem where the default dimensions on Employee were not checked on the expense allocations, leading to occasional errors in specific situations.46639
General ApplicationThe UNABLE-DEPR error displayed for a completed document that was later attached to an expense report.43696
General ApplicationTo address the issue of posting documents related to an Expense Report being added to Job Queues, we have implemented a prevention measure to disable the posting functionality for such documents.45593
General ApplicationWe have reintroduced the email scenarios functionality, which was previously available in version 9.00.46078
General ApplicationWhen deleting an Expense Report inbox entry, the status is now checked.46484
General ApplicationWhen processing notification outbox entries, multiple updates of the same documents in Continia Online were sent.46514
General ApplicationWhen a transaction would automatically match an existing expense, Continia Online was not informed. This was allowing changes to the expense.46568
General ApplicationThe reminder e-mail sent to approvers presented the wrong currency on the expense reports when the amounts were in local currency.46690
General ApplicationWe have resolved an issue where the "Paid/Reimbursed" filters on the status report were not being properly considered. This bug has been fixed, and the filters now function as intended.47481
General ApplicationPreviously, when transitioning from File Storage or Azure to Database, encountering an error during the deletion of old files would result in a complete rollback of the process, leading to the loss of already deleted files. We have now implemented a change to handle each document individually, allowing for the possibility of repeating the process in case of errors and enabling recovery of the deleted files.47561
General ApplicationThe issue where the default email scenario was selected instead of the configured one when sending welcome emails has been resolved.47699
General ApplicationThe codeunit 6086569 "CEM Update Field Dependencies" in the Job Queue now correctly calculates the lookup values.47730
Per DiemConfigured "Billable" field on Mileage or Per Diem no longer gets overwritten to "True" upon download in Business Central.46079
Per DiemWhen clicking on the "0" value in the Allowance Rates on a Per Diem group, a dialog prompts the user to create a rate automatically. In specific localizations, the new rate has a wrong date format resulting in an error.46678

Expense Management 2022 R2 Service Pack 2

Released: February 23, 2023
App version:
FOB version: 10.02.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
ExpensesWe are now adding default dimensions on the expense allocations, similar to expenses. 44141
General ApplicationWe have added OnBeforePost and OnAfterPost events for all the posting routines.44680
General ApplicationWe have added the event OnBeforeSendExpenseToUser() in Table 6086330 "CEM Bank Transaction", inside the method MatchAndCreateExpense().45107
Per DiemWe have changed the functionality for Per Diem when using Sub-Rates in such a way that negative amounts are allowed. That is to resolve the issue of the first day amounts, where meals would not have been taken into consideration. To avoid users having to click on all the per diem details, you can chose to set Expense Management Setup -> Allowance given by default.38803

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Credit Card TransactionsWhen deleting a bank transaction a reverse posting would occur. In a case where the payment type was configured incorrectly and the intermmediate account had VAT setup and was also used as balancing account, it was not possible to revert this transaction anymore because of an error like below:
  • "The GL Account '' does not exist".
Credit Card TransactionsWe have fixed a bug which in some cases prevented the Bank Transaction page from opening after an upgrade.45222
Credit Card TransactionsWe have prevented editing of the payment type on the bank transaction page.45223
ExpensesWhen posting allocations on an expense with the external reimbursement method set up, an error would not allow the expense to be posted.
  • Allocation with Entry No. <No.>: Expense Account is missing. Posting Setup for Expense Type 'FOOD' is most likely not configured correctly.
ExpensesWe have fixed an issue when detaching an allocated expense from an Expense Report that was causing the following error:
  • This expense has been allocated and therefore you cannot change Amount.
General ApplicationWe have fixed a decimal error in the Mileage Rates in the Swedish demo machines.43817
General ApplicationThe Role Center was never showing the "Unmatched" transactions queue, unless inbox entries in error existed.43975
General ApplicationAfter an inbox entry was trying to update a posted document, all the following inbox entries were skipped by marking them as Accepted.44410
General ApplicationWe have fixed an issue in the add-in where only the last page was displayed for multi-page pdf files. Furthermore, we are now displaying pdf files using the built-in pdf viewer from the browser.44790
General ApplicationThe field "Taxable Meal Allowance" on the Per Diem Rate Details was shown even when taxable Per Diem rates were disabled. Due to this, the calculation was taking taxable rates into consideration. The calculation is changed, as well. Further validations were also added to prevent changing taxable rates when the Per Diem Taxable rates are disabled.

MileagesThe event OnBeforeCheckMileage was never used in Codeunit 6086344 CEM Mileage - Check. Instead, OnAfterCheckMileage was wrongly called from two locations.
MileagesWhen using Taxable rates on Mileage and Per Diem, the amount posted was adding the taxable amount twice.44396
MileagesWhen attendee mileage rates were used, the mileage amount was not updated in the Expense App/Portal, after a synchronization with Business Central. In this way, the user was seeing an outdated amount. 45401
Per DiemWe have fixed a bug in the Norwegian demo machine, where the posting setup for "MÅLTID" was missing.43822
Per DiemWhenever using per diem sub-rates, a per diem starting precisely at midnight (00:00) was adding an extra full day allowance to the calculation.44537

Expense Management 2022 R2 Service Pack 1

Released: December 12, 2022
App version:
FOB version: 10.01.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
Credit Card TransactionsWe've added a filter on the payment type lookup, when assigning a payment type to a credit card from the bank transaction inbox. We've also added additional fields to the lookup, allowing the user to get a better idea on which payment type to select.39363
ExpensesWe have added the following Event Publishers

Codeunit 6086308 CEM Expense Inbox-Transfer
  • OnAfterExpenseInboxTransfer
ExpensesWe have made available the following system fields for expenses and mileage: "Gen. Bus. Posting Group" and "VAT Bus. Posting Group".41950
ExpensesWe are now delaying the validations for the posting group combinations (General/VAT Posting Setup), allowing for a partial setup on the G/L Accounts. The validations will still occur, though, once all the posting groups are inherited from the G/L Accounts and from the Expense Posting Setup. This will avoid errors similar to the one below.
  • The VAT Posting Setup does not exist. Identification fields and values: VAT Bus. Posting Group='',VAT Prod. Posting Group=''
General ApplicationWe have updated the Continia logo in the Status and Tax Report.42986
Per DiemWe have implemented a sub-rate calculation for the first and last day on the Per Diem. In the past, the sub-rate was applied only to the last day, according to the remaining hours from the whole trip.


Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
ExpensesWhen pressing "Show not matched" on the Reconciliation page, filters were applied only on the left side sub-page, but not on the right-side sub-page. 
ExpensesWhen posting a matched expense in a system where posting transactions at import was disabled, when the expense currency matches the Bank Account currency, the posting amount was the result of an Amount LCY converted to the Bank Account currency. This was not necessary since the Bank Account currency matches the Expense Currency.

ExpensesWe have added an error message on the expense, if the chosen payment type is missing a Bal. Account No. and Refund User is false.42275
ExpensesThe Expense Management Rolecenter page was not showing the "Unmatched" transactions.42648
General ApplicationWe are now validating the input on "Expense Reminder Code" and "Expense User Group" on the "Continia User Setup".29465
General ApplicationPaid Out Amount was not visible on the Expense Report when having a negative expense.40759
General ApplicationWhen downloading a document which was ready to be automatically sent for approval but the user didn't have an approver, the synchronization process would have failed with the following error.
  • The changes to the Expense Inbox record cannot be saved because some information on the page is not up-to-date. Close the page, reopen it, and try again.

General ApplicationWhen adding an email address written in capital letters (ex: USER@DOMAIN.COM) in the field "O365 Authentication Email" in Continia User Setup, the following Expense Inbox error would have occurred, after a syncronization.
  • The field Continia User ID of table Expense contains a value <USER@DOMAIN.COM> that cannot be found...

General ApplicationWhen posting an expense report with a very long posting description, you could get the following error message:
  • The length of the string is <length of posting description>, but it must be less than or equal to 50 characters. Value: <posting description>
General ApplicationWhen creating Lookup Value Access setup on a child field (for example TASK, related to JOBNO) the rule was never exported to Continia Online, therefore all the values were still available for selection in the Expense App and in the Expense Portal.41955
General ApplicationWe have fixed a bug in the document add-ins, where clicking on the add-in on a document with no attachment, would result in a download of a random attachment.42313
General ApplicationThe cue "Expense Report Inbox" was not visible in the Rolecenter.42399
General ApplicationWe have fixed a bug in the "Upload Company Logo" action on the EM Setup Page, which prevented the logo in being sent to Continia Online, and consequently shown to the app users.42717
MileagesWhen setting up Expense Management Setup to show extra fields on the "Posted Mileage" and "Posted Mileage Card", the system would have been presenting extra fields for expenses instead.41345
MileagesWe have fixed an issue in the attachment viewer on the mileage pages, which would give the following error: 
  • Overflow under conversion of Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Runtime.Decimal18 value....
MileagesWhen opening the posted Mileage card, the wrong comments were shown. 43230
Per DiemWhen only one Per Diem Group would exist, the filed "Per Diem Group Code" was not visible on the Per Diem Card.40886
Per DiemThe amount shown on a Per Diem was wrong in the Expense App and Expense Portal when a per diem had multiple currencies.42537
Per DiemWhen multiple accommodation types were enabled on a Per Diem, the Accommodation Type field was not visible in the Per Diem Details Inbox page. 

Expense Management 2022 R2, hotfix 3

Released: November 11, 2022
App version:
FOB version: 10.00.03

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
ExpensesWe have fixed a bug on the Expense Report page, which in certain cases caused the page to be very slow in opening.42637

Expense Management 2022 R2, hotfix 2

Released: November 3, 2022
App version:
FOB version: 10.00.02

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
ExpensesWhen trying to "Get Expenses" from an Expense Report, when the expense would have been matched, the following error was shown:
  • Matched to Bank Transaction must be equal to 'No' in Expense: Entry No.=<EntryNo.>. Current value is 'Yes'.

Expense Management 2022 R2, hotfix 1

Released: October 20, 2022
App version:
FOB version: 10.00.01

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
ExpensesWhen downloading an expense from Continia Online (Synchronize) that is matched to a bank transaction, it would have failed in the Expense Inbox with the following error:
  • Matched to Bank Transaction must be equal to 'No' in Expense: Entry No.=. Current value is 'Yes'.

Expense Management 2022 R2

Released: October 1, 2022
App version:
FOB version: 10.00.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
ExpensesFor Sales Tax allocation, the sales tax amount will be distributed into multiple lines in the event that an expense has already been allocated.
ExpensesExpense Allocation action is added to the Posted Expense Card.39149
ExpensesTo delete a Payment Type is now an option, as long as no un-posted documents are using that Payment Type.
ExpensesThe field Job Line Type has been made editable on the following pages: 
  • Expense Card and Expenses
  • Mileage Card and Mileage
  • Per Diem Card and Per Diem
  • and the respective subpages on the Expense Report.
General ApplicationIn the Spanish localization, the option to create a Purchase Invoice document for the business Vendor, when that is specified, is added.  This is done automatically, independently of the settings in Expense Management Setup - Expense Posting, to cover the necessity of VAT regulations and fast integration to SII.
General ApplicationThe functionality on Field Type Dependencies has been enhanced as to request the expense user to fill-in a text field with specific conditions, e.g., if the user choose a specific expense type, the user has to give a reason or specify an external document number.26164
General ApplicationThe functionality of Field Type Dependencies has been enhanced. You can now set up dependencies for fields with the type Option. Option fields act like fields of type Code, but with manually maintained lookup values.

General ApplicationThe Expense Management Setup page user experience has been optimized.
General ApplicationThe Expense Management Statistics FactBox has been removed from the Continia User Setup page.
General ApplicationOn the Field Type Card, a new field Parent Field Type Code will show the relation set up in No. of Source Table Filters.
General ApplicationSpecial properties are displayed on the Field Type Card. 
The code  EMPLOYEE NO. is set as Internal System Field meaning that EMPLOYEE NO. can still be used as posting description setup in the Expense Management Setup but cannot be used in Configured Fields.
General ApplicationSend Method under General, in the Expense Management Setup page, has been renamed to "Inform User about Approval".  The ToolTip is updated accordingly.38497
General ApplicationThe E-mail Subject has been moved from the Expense Management Setup / Web Approval page to the Expense Management Setup page.38502
General ApplicationThe possibility to resize the factbox area containing the attachment viewer has been enhanced. You can drag and adjust the viewer in all app-based Business Central versions from Business Central 2019 release wave 2 CU1 (BC15.1) to current version.39156
General ApplicationThe Manual Setup has been given an option to filter on relevant keywords and see an estimated duration of the setup task. Additional setup pages have been added to the list (BC App only).39393
General ApplicationCues and Actions on the Rolecenter has been updated to show one Cue per document type. Under document type you will see all documents and their status. Cues only show when Application Area in Expense Management Setup is enabled.39588
General ApplicationThe posted approval entries page has been improved to allign all approval entries pages.
General ApplicationThe fields "Gen. Bus. Posting Group" and "VAT Bus. Posting Group" have been added to the expense and mileage tabs on the Expense Report Card page.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
ExpensesAllocations did not inherit standard dimensions from the employee. 35143
ExpensesOn the Payment Types page, the caption "Default Payment Type" has been changed to "Apply to all Expense Users"38899
ExpensesAn issue has been fixed that was causing decimal differences in the sales taxes appended to the Purchase Invoice when the user would not have changed the sales taxes allocated amount.
ExpensesAn issue in the sales tax was causing the following error to be shown, even though the sales tax differences were within the setup ranges. This has been fixed.
  • Government Sales Tax Expense Type 10 must not exceed General Ledger Setup Max. Tax Difference Allowed 5.
ExpensesDigital signing of expense attachments is now enabled in demo environments.39582
ExpensesThe Expense Report (Settlement) posting date is used to post all the sub-documents on the same date. However, on an expense, the exchange rates were not calculated in regard to that date, but based on the "Document Date".41026
ExpensesWhen validating the expense “Document Date”, a recalculation of exchange rates will happen.
ExpensesThe expense report posting date is used for recalculating the currency exchange rates for expenses. Now amounts are recalculated to reflect currency exchange rates on expenses in an Expense Report (Settlement). Until now, these were only updated at posting time.
ExpensesAn issue has been fixed, resulting in an error where an allocated expense would have an allocation without a Job Task specified when the original expense had a Job specified. The error can be bypassed if the main expense Job is removed.
  • Job Task No. must have a value in Expense Allocation: Entry No.=53. It cannot be zero or empty.
General ApplicationTooltips have been added to all fields on the Continia User Setup page.34676
General ApplicationThe field Approver Name was editable in View mode on the Continia User Setup Card page.34815
General ApplicationLookup Value Access for Payment Types is automatically maintained by the system. Previously it was possible for the user to change these values, without any effect.35144
General Application If the field DESCRIPTION is not configured on Expense Reports, the user will get the following error message, even if the use of Expense Report is disabled in Expense Management Setup.
  • DESCRIPTION is a required Expense Report system field. Please configure it before synchronizing.
The workaround is to run the Reset to Default Setup action on the Configured Fields page. The check will now only include required fields for enabled functionality.
General ApplicationFrom the Expense Setup page, when choosing Manual Setup, the page will only show the entries for Expense Management. Filters for Continia Core setup have been added as well.
When choosing Open Manual Setup on Continia Users Default Setup the Expense User Delegation opened. This has been fixed.
General ApplicationThe issue where it was possible to export O365 users to Continia Online with a blank email address has been fixed.39274
General ApplicationAn issue when batch-posting documents, that resulted in the following error, has been fixed.
  • Status must be Open or Pending Expense User in Expense 1.
General ApplicationA bug has been fixed in the Web Client, after updating the status of an Expense Report from its card page and navigating back to the Expense Report list, the Comments, Details and Amount LCY fields could show incorrect values.39454
General ApplicationA permission issue that could result in the following message has been fixed: 
  • You do not have the following permissions to TableData Employee Ledger Entry: Read
MileagesWhen attempting to modify a mileage rate that is already used for posting mileage entries, you would get the following error message. 
  • One or more mileage have been posted after <fieldValue1> and <field2> can therefore not be changed.
The <fieldValue1> was intended to be the start date of the mileage rate but was showing random values from the mileage rate, making the error message unclear. 
Mileages An issue in the Company Policies that was resulting in the following error, has been fixed. The issue was occurring when opening Company Policies from the drill down, on the field.
  • The field Document Account No. of table Company Policy contains value (PRIVATE CAR) that cannot be found in the related table (Expense Type)
MileagesA user who has the permission set CEM-NAVUSER, would get the following error when creating a mileage.
  • You do not have the following permissions on the TableData CEM Mileage Detail: Modify.
MileagesAn issue in the mileage calculation, where in a very specific situation, the low mileage rate was wrongly assigned instead of the high rate have been fixed. This happened when a mileage existed in 2 periods and when the sum of the total distance driven by a user was exceeding the low rate.41111
MileagesWhen exporting configurations through the Expense Management Assisted Setup Guide, decimal values were converted to integers (e.g., 1.23 was converted to 123). This impacted mileage rates.42127
Per DiemIn Per Diem Rate, when choosing the Calculation Method "Sub rates" under First and Last Day Setup and entering a number of hours greater than 24 in the Minimum Stay (hours) field, the following error message would occur: 
  • The length of the string is 13, but it must be less than or equal to 10 characters. Value: ACCOMMODATION
The message has been changed to 
  • Minimum Stay (hours) cannot be more than 24. Per Diem Rate - Tax-Free Meal Allowance will be used for periods longer than a day.
Per DiemWhen setting the First and Last Day Setup, Calculation Method to Sub rates immediately after creating the Per Diem Rate, you would get the following error message:
  • The Per Diem Rate does not exist.
Per DiemWhen posting a Per Diem with reimbursement method = both, you would get the following error. This has been fixed.
  • Document No. must not be blank in ...
Platform and TechnologyA bug have been fixed in the approval portal, where an approver could experience the following error message when opening an expense allocation: 
  • You do not have the following permissions on TableData Job: Read.