Detailed Changelog for the Continia Expense Mobile App

This article lists all new features and bug fixes for each version of the Continia Expense Mobile App.

Expense Mobile App 3.15

Released: November 25, 2021

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescription
GeneralTemplate improvements - It's now possible to create new templates from a blank document.
GeneralIf a Mileage description exists, this is now shown for each Mileage in list view instead of To address. If description does not exist, the To address is still shown.
GeneralAdded description to 3D touch Image action for supported phones with haptic and 3D touch.
GeneralIf list view is empty, the user is now guided with text.
GeneralIf user is removed from Company, or Company is deleted, user will get the option to choose another Company if any is available.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
GeneralMileage decimal separator was wrong if user for example had language= Danish and Region=Mauritius on their iPhone.
GeneralDocuments in a Settlement with Completed status cannot be opened.
GeneralIn rare cases the user was logged out of the Expense App.
GeneralField Values selected on a settlement are now added to documents when documents are added to a settlement and has the same fields on both the settlement and the document, i.e. Expense.
GeneralCompany dropdown action now only shown if user is active in more than 1 company.

Expense Mobile App 3.14

Released: October 1, 2021

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescription
GeneralRespect new company setting for default values for Per Diem Details.
GeneralSimplify UI when only 1 action on start page. This is for customers only using Expenses or only using Settlements.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
GeneralShow error when creating Per diem destination outside of Per Diem Departure and Return datetime.

Expense Mobile App 3.13

Released: September 7, 2021

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
GeneralIf Expenses have been created as reminders from BC, show the Expenses in Open, which have not been attached to a Settlement.
Attaching PDF or other files with Sharing on the Mobile device, will also be a way the user can create Expenses, but apart from this it should not be possible for the Expense User to create out side the Settlement.

Expense Mobile App 3.12

Released: August 30, 2021

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescription
GeneralSupport for settlement pre-approval (Expense Management 2021 R2 required).
GeneralSupport for per diem destinations (Expense Management 2021 R2 required).
GeneralMessage is now shown to Expense user when submitting a per diem with no details.
GeneralMessage is now shown to Expense user if submitting a per diem identical to a per diem already submitted.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
GeneralNew Zealand date format updated to DMY from MDY.
GeneralDate format corrected for US English on Android devices.
GeneralDefault is now false for details in the Multiple Days action in Per Diem.
GeneralActions did not work on Settlement page if Plus action was selected and Cancel selected right after, adding no documents to the settlement.

Expense Mobile App 3.11

Released: May 20, 2021

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescription
GeneralOn iPhone it is now possible to drag and drop a document to a settlement in the Open list view.
GeneralNotifications are now sent to the user’s phone when there are changes, relevant for the user, in Microsoft Business Central.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
GeneralHaving many documents in History list could resolve in Expense App crashing. We have introduced paging, so documents not visible to the user are not loaded until the user scroll down the list.
GeneralAttachment of PDF files was broken in latest update on Android.
GeneralManual contacts added by user was not removed when user had deleted these.
GeneralSearch box was misaligned in latest Expense App update.
GeneralStatus color removed from documents in Settlement. Status colors are still shown for the Settlement.

Expense Mobile App 3.10

Released: March 17, 2021

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescription
GeneralMessage displayed to user if Expense is above amount allowed limit in Busines Central (Require Expense Management 7.0 or later)
GeneralAdding support for Recommend, Optional and Mandatory attachments (Require Expense Management 7.0 or later)
GeneralAdding support for 60 days mileage rule used in Denmark (Require Expense Management 7.0 or later)
GeneralAdding support for deducting mileage distance from home to office i.e. used in New Zeeland (Require Expense Management 7.0 or later)
GeneralNow possible to sign in with Microsoft 365

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescription
GeneralTwo synchronize status indicators are shown when user synchronize from settings page
GeneralExpense Amount is not always updated correctly in History view.
GeneralTemplate action is read only in History documents, so not easy to create new template based on a completed expense document
GeneralIn Mileage the swipe action is stuck if user hits cancel

Expense Mobile App 3.09

Released: February 18, 2021

Functional areaDescription
GeneralDelegations - Feature support for Expense Management 7.00 with the secretary function, allowing one user to have responsibility for another users expenses, mileage etc
GeneralField Dependencies - Feature support for Expense Management 7.00 where we introduced Field dependencies. meaning we allow fields to change behavior based on value choosen in another field
GeneralAttachment expectations - Feature support for Expense Management 7.00 where you can choose when an attachment is required
GeneralDisable possibility to create new document types (Expense, mileage Settlement or per-diem) but allow edit of existing documents of the type, if the document type is disabled in Expense Management Setup in BC/NAV
GeneralSettlements Required - Feature support for Expense Management 7.00 where you can make settlements mandatory, meaning the user can only press send on settlements, not other document types.