Detailed Changelog for Continia Expense Management 2023 R1

This article lists all new features and bug fixes for each version of Continia Expense Management 2023 R1.


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Expense Management 2023 R1 Service Pack 4

Released: July 5, 2024
App version: 11.4.0
FOB version: 11.04

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionId
Credit Card TransactionsWhen importing transactions with the Transaction Template it will no longer be possible to transfer data to the Transaction Import Journal unless a Bank Code is specified. The Bank Code is anyway necessary and will be reinforced later in the process, anyway.51874
Credit Card TransactionsWhen importing transactions via the Transaction Import Journal, and a field value was longer than 250 characters, it would fail with the error below.
  • The length of string is X, but it must be less or equal to 250 characters. Value: ...
Document ApprovalApprovers are now able to modify Expense Allocations when Expense is part of an Expense Report in Pending Approval Status.54255
ExpensesA negative expense would be created as a Purchase Invoice instead of a Credit Memo when a Preferable Purchase Invoice was set up.52434
ExpensesPosting a Purchase Credit Memo for the business Vendor number (Vendor No. on the expense) would not trigger the automatic payment that had to be applied to that document.52803
ExpensesWhen using the Vendor No. (business vendor) field on expenses, while having a Payment Type with a Vendor (bank account), the following error would have been raised, if the Continia User did not have a Vendor No. specified. The error has been replaced by a more meaningful one.

We have fixed the following error when posting a Bank Purchase Invoice (a payment type posting on a Vendor). 
  • Document No. must have a value in Purchase Line: Document Type=Quote, Document No.=, Line No.=<LineNo>. It cannot be zero or empty.
ExpensesWhen an expense was marked as non-refundable (personal) and it involved the Vendor No. (business vendor) field, along with a Payment Type linked to a Vendor (bank account), a credit memo was issued to the business vendor.  It was not correct to decide the document type based on the No Refund field on the expense, the document type should have always been Invoice for a positive expense and Cr. Memo for negative expenses.  Furthermore, the creation of a business vendor document is skipped if the expense is non-refundable and the Payment Type posting Method is Post on the Expense User Account.52859
ExpensesWhen navigating to Find Entries from a Purch. Cr. Memo generated by Expense Management, the expense was not shown in the Related Entries.52878
ExpensesWhen a negative allocated Expense with Vendor Invoice No. was posted, multiple Purchase Credit Memos were created for each of the allocation lines instead of adding multiple allocation lines to the existing Purchase Credit Memo.52887
General ApplicationOn a Payment Type  when Matched to Expense was set to Never Required, the fields related to the matching (variance, etc.) were not cleared of their values, this resulted in an error later in the process.50326
General ApplicationWhen running the Tax Report the user name was incorrectly shown.51871
General ApplicationSince version 12.1 it was not possible to export users having the same email address in the E-mail and O365 Authentication Email field. The functionality has now been reverted so that the email address can be overwritten both for authentication and email communication.52159
General ApplicationWe have added the missing Lessor Integration objects (.fob) for Business Central April 2019 (BCv14) on the release package.52298
General ApplicationThe value of Attendees Inbox table field Name is now being trimmed to 50 characters during Continia Online Synchronization to prevent the error:
  • The length of string is [length], but it must be less than or equal to 50 characters. Value: [Value].
General ApplicationWhen using the Vendor No. (business vendor) field on expenses, while having a Payment Type with a Vendor (bank account), an automatic payment was intended to happen when the invoice was posted. Instead, the error below would occur, while the invoice would have succeeded to post.
  • There is no Vendor Ledger Entry within the filter. Filters: Vendor No.: <VendorNo>, Document Type: ' ', Document No.: <DocumentNo>, Open: Yes
General ApplicationWhen posting expenses in foreign currencies where the Amount Rounding Precision allows more decimals than the local currency and Post in Expense Currency was enabled. The following error message was stopping the process. 
  • Amount (LCY) <Amount> needs to be rounded in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name='',Journal Batch Name='',Line No.='0'.
General ApplicationThe CEM Pre-Cloud Migration Wizard in the departments, was not searchable. 54838
General ApplicationWhen adding filters on a Field Type, in the No. Of Source Table Filters, the calculated No. of Lookup Values was not updated. The issue was only visually not updated.55300
MileagesWhen calculating mileage over a certain Starting Distance, the lower rate was not applied. Instead the next year rate was picked up, if this was specified.55306
Purchase ContractsPreviously, when submitting an expense with the purchase contract, which matches all the conditions for auto-approval, the expense was not released. Now, the expense is successfully released based on the purchase contract.51556
Purchase ContractsPreviously, when creating a purchase contract based on the expense, the purchase contract line Start Date value was set to the expense Document Date. Now, the line Start Date is set to the Contract Start Date specified on the Create Purchase Contract page.52104

Expense Management 2023 R1 Service Pack 3

Released: December 15, 2023
App version: 11.3.0
FOB version: 11.03

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionId
General ApplicationThe following procedures on Page 6086402 "CEM Client Addin - Settlement" are now available for external access:
  • ClearImage
  • LoadImageFromRecID

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionId
Credit Card TransactionsWhen looking for the action Match or Create Expenses on the Bank Transactions, it was not possible to see it when the Payment Type was not selectable.46193
Credit Card TransactionsIn rare circumstances, as when multiple synchronizations were running at the same time from different sessions, it would create two similar Bank Transaction entries with the same Transaction ID.50244
Credit Card TransactionsWhen importing transactions via the Transaction Import Journal, the Currency Code on the Bank Transaction will be set to empty if it matches the local currency of the company. 50454
Document ApprovalWhen sending the approval mail for the sharing users, the mail was only sent to the first user.47819
ExpensesAfter a transaction is matched to an expense, which is completed by the expense user, the expense is sent back to the expense user unintentionally. 49381
ExpensesWhen downloading expenses with allocations from Continia Online, the "TAX GROUP CODE" value was removed when the field was not configured.49546
General ApplicationBank Transactions will no longer be able to be matched with Expenses in status "Pending Approval" as it was causing an error for Users without "Can edit approved documents" enabled.27365
General ApplicationConfigured fields settings like Hide Visibility, Editable and Mandatory were overwritten when clicking Reset to Default Setup in Configured Fields. This was also happening automatically if settings were changed in the Expense Management Setup page.47940
General ApplicationWhen posting an expense on an Employee, with posting groups specified, the following error would appear.

Gen. Posting Type must be equal to ' ' in Gen. Journal Line: Journal Template Name=, Journal Batch Name=, Line No.=0. Current value is 'Purchase'.
General ApplicationExpense Management (CA) is enabled to work in OnPrem installation.49994
General ApplicationAn issue causing an error when running Report 6086314 "CEM Batch Post Settlements" via Job Queue has been fixed. 50488
General ApplicationWhen VAT is specified on the Payment Type balancing account, the error below will prevent posting the matched expense, when it should have prevented posting the bank transaction. The check is moved to the bank transaction posting checks.
  1. VAT % must be 0 on Bal. Account No. should only be checked for Expenses w/o Bank Trans.
MileagesWhen synchronizing with Continia Online, a mileage recalculation is automatically triggered in all the companies for all the mileage rates available in the company and for all the mileages with status not posted. Because of the calculation on each mileage rate, the same mileage was recalculated multiple times, and this was causing performance issues.41445
MileagesPosting negative mileage is supported when using Purchase Invoice.  49849
MileagesWhen posting a mileage on a purchase invoice, the posting would fail if the "Mileage Tax" or "Mileage Fuel" account code was longer than 10 symbols.50641
MileagesWhen using mileage rates with Starting Distance if the low rate would have started on another date than the main rate, the system would have crashed because of a never-ending loop. 51566
Per DiemAfter modifying a Per Diem that had the status "Pending Expense User", attempting to modify Per Diem Details would cause multiple errors.31295
Purchase ContractsThe relation was not removed when clearing the Purchase Contract Line No. value on the expense.47828

Expense Management 2023 R1 Service Pack 2, hotfix 2

Released: October 13, 2023
FOB version: 11.02.02

Only released in Business Central onPrem (on-demand).

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Expense Mobile App and PortalWhen downloading expenses with allocations from Continia Online, the "TAX GROUP CODE" value was removed when the field was not configured. This isssue was addressed previously only for the fob versions, now it is available for the extension apps, as well.50356
ExpensesWhen downloading expenses with allocations from Continia Online, the "TAX GROUP CODE" value was removed when the field was not configured.49546

Expense Management 2023 R1 Service Pack 2, hotfix 1

Released: October 5, 2023
FOB version: 11.02.01

Only released in Business Central onPrem (on-demand).

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationExpense Management (CA) is enabled to work in OnPrem installation.49994

Expense Management 2023 R1 Service Pack 2

Released: August 28, 2023
App version: 11.2.0
FOB version: 11.02

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationFields "Matching tolerance Amount (%)" and "Matching tolerance Date (Days)" will be used in the future in our Expense Management Mobile App, when matching Expense with an existing receipt.45650
Purchase ContractsWhen the user changes Continia User Id on an expense, which has a relation to a purchase contract, the following comment will be added for the expense:
  • The purchase contract relation has been removed, as the new value in Continia User ID does not match with the Continia User ID on the purchase contract.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Credit Card TransactionsWe have addressed an issue where parallel processes downloading transactions could potentially result in duplicated entries in the bank transaction inbox.47472
Credit Card TransactionsWhen transactions would automatically match to an expense belonging to an expense report in status Open, the following error would have appeared. The issue was introduced in Service Pack 1. 
  • "Status must be equal to 'Open' in Expense: Entry No.=<Entry No.>. Current value is 'Pending Expense User'."

ExpensesIn Canadian localization, when a user created expense allocations marked as non-taxable, the system incorrectly allocated them as taxable amounts for sales tax purposes.43601
ExpensesDimensions on the expense are no longer checked if allocations are present.46065
ExpensesIn the Canadian localization, when renaming the predefined sales tax expense types, the automatic allocation of expenses would have not been working any longer.48352
General ApplicationThe Expense Mobile App is now able to map countries and currencies also based on the ISO codes.45497
General Application"Paid/Reimbursed" filters on the status report were not working.47481
General ApplicationPreviously, when transitioning from File Storage or Azure to Database, encountering an error during the deletion of old files would result in a complete rollback of the process, leading to the loss of already deleted files. We have now implemented a change to handle each document individually, allowing for the possibility of repeating the process in case of errors and enabling recovery of the deleted files.
General ApplicationReduced the length setting of the Configured Field "Attendees" to 50 (from 100) to be in line with the maximum length for "Attendees" field value across EM tables.47610
General ApplicationResolved the issue that was using the default email scenario instead of the actual scenario that was set-up. 47699
General ApplicationThe codeunit 6086569 "CEM Update Field Dependencies" in the Job Queue now correctly calculates the lookup values.
General ApplicationOn an expense without attachments, when pressing the controls for attachments in the addin, multiple unrelated attachments would have been shown. 47923
General ApplicationWhen posting Per Diem in foreign currencies, the exchange rate was calculated based on the current travel day and not based on the posting date.48113
General ApplicationWhen a user without permissions on Expense Management objects would post a purchase invoice, the following error would have prevented the user from posting:
  • You do not have the following permissions on TableData CEM Expense: Read.
General ApplicationEmpty filters in the Field Types are once again allowed, mainly to support filters on empty value options.48399
General ApplicationWe have prevented the following error when importing a setup file that was exported from older versions of Business Central:
  • Field Id (8000) of table Gen. Journal Batch (232) is obsoleted, reason: This functionality will be replaced by the systemID field. Page Expense Management Assisted Setup Guide has to close.
MileagesNegative mileage is once again supported.48882
Per Diem"Allowance given by default" was setting allowances to true even when the allowances were disabled. When downloading the documents, they would have added allowance amounts as if the allowance was enabled. Nevertheless, at posting time the correct amount was posted.

When downloading the per diems, the allowance amount will not be added anymore when the allowance is disabled.

The issue is addressed in Continia Online, as well and it will be released independently.
Purchase ContractsMultiple expenses, related to the same purchase contract and within the same purchase contract's invoicing period can no longer be auto approved.47351

Expense Management 2023 R1, Hotfix 1

Released: July 7, 2023
App version: 11.0.1
FOB version: 11.01.01

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
ExpensesWhen a bank transaction matched an expense, it was sent to the expense user instead of the approver.48360
ExpensesWhen using the "Post in expense currency," if the expense user's balancing account is an Employee account type, a posting error would occur for foreign currency expenses:
"The value of the Currency Code field must be empty. General journal lines in foreign currency are not supported for employee account type"

Expense Management 2023 R1, Service Pack 1

Released: June 2, 2023
App version: 11.1.0
FOB version: 11.01

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationAdded new CEM Image Quality (6086520) page that enables users to customize image size and quality settings. This feature allows users to override the default values for Picture Size and Picture Quality.45546
General ApplicationSupport for multiple levels of parent-child field relations, similar to Job and Tasks.47388
Purchase ContractsAdded new actions to the Expenses and Posted Expenses pages: Open Purchase Contract and Create Purchase Contract. Additionally, introduced new fields to the Expenses and Posted Expenses pages: Purchase Contract, Purchase Contract No., Purchase Contract Line No., and Purchase Contract Line Amount.46412

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationError when opening the Expense Management Assisted Setup.46463
General ApplicationDeletion of Expense Report Inbox allowed, regardless of status. 46484
General ApplicationUNABLE-DEPR error displayed for a completed document that was later attached to an expense report.43696
General ApplicationWhen processing notification outbox entries, multiple updates of the same documents in Continia Online were sent. 46514
General ApplicationWhen a transaction would automatically match an existing expense, Continia Online was not informed. This was allowing changes to the expense.46568
General ApplicationExpense status report now displays taxable mileage amount.46658
General ApplicationPreview PDF files by clicking on the message instead of opening in the Business Central 14 WebClient.46905
General ApplicationThe expense report was not refreshing the images when scrolling through expenses.47068
General ApplicationDeactivated notifications for overdue approval entries.47086
General ApplicationError when importing a setup file exported from older versions of Business Central.47322
ExpensesAdded Matched to Bank Transaction action to posted expenses.46902
ExpensesOn the expense card, the Amount without VAT displays the total amount when Reverse VAT is applied.46594
MileagesError when posting mileage.46996
MileagesAdded the Mileage Taxable Account on the expense report mileage sub-page.47325

Expense Management 2023 R1, hotfix 2

Released: May 16, 2023
App version: 11.0.2

Only released in Business Central online.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
Per DiemWhen posting per diem with custom expense posting setup, it would have failed with the following error: The field VAT Prod. Posting Group of table Gen. Journal Line contains a value (DOMESTIC) that cannot be found in the related table (VAT Product Posting Group).47197

Expense Management 2023 R1, hotfix 1

Released: May 11, 2023
App version: 11.0.1

Only released in Business Central online.

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionID
General ApplicationThe expense report did not refresh images while scrolling through expenses.47068

Expense Management 2023 R1

Released for online: April 3, 2023
Released for on-premises: April 14, 2023
App version: 11.0.0
FOB version: 11.00

New or changed functionality

Functional areaDescriptionId
ExpensesWe have improved the usability of payment types, including making them available for user groups, and made it easier to define and assign them to users. As a consequence, the "Refund User" flag on the Payment Type gets replaced by the "Posting Method", which can be "Post on the Expense User Account" ("Refund User" = True) and "Post on Business Account" ("Refund User" = False). The upgrade takes care of the conversion.43075
ExpensesWe have prevented the possibility of specifying a balancing or intermediate account if that account has VAT associated with it. 43651
ExpensesWe have prevented the possibility of (wrongfully) assigning the same Balancing Account and Intermediate Account No. to a Payment Type. 43652
General ApplicationWe have extended most of the description fields from 50 to 100 characters throughout the application for consistency with Business Central.
General ApplicationWe are now creating number series and source codes when the Assisted Setup has been importing Expense Management Setup data. This is no longer done when creating demo data. This change also ensures Expense Management Setup only contains valid codes for source codes and number series, compared with previous versions where a mismatch was sometimes found.16000
General ApplicationWe have added the possibility to add a Taxable Account when using taxable rates in Mileage and Per Diem. 43506
General ApplicationExpense Management is now updating the Notification text in Payment Management so that the users are informed on which documents are being paid. The functionality can be enabled in Payment Management by ticking "Enable Payment Management Event" in Notification Setup.  The functionality is only available for the latest versions, starting with Business Central 2020. With this functionality, a new extension app will be installed: Continia Core Connectivity. 
General ApplicationWe have introduced support for the Portuguese localization. That includes translations, document signing and Purchase Invoice creation for the business Vendors. 44382
General ApplicationTo comply with the Universal Code initiative, the following has been changed.

A new Document Storage Type named File Service has been added. The File Service storage type is used to access locally stored files (PDFs, images, etc.) through a new Continia File Service.

For further information, please see the following article on Continia Docs:
General ApplicationThe Continia Notifications module has been introduced, enabling you to receive notifications about operational statuses and important releases directly inside Business Central.

Note that if you have a closed on-premises environment and upgrade to the latest version of Expense Management, it's important that you allow outgoing traffic to the Continia Notifications addresses specified under Firewall requirements. Otherwise, you'll be unable to receive any notifications from Continia.
MileagesExpense Management will help calculate VAT refunds on mileages when receipts for fuel are provided. The functionality is enabled on the mileage rates, when "Fuel Rate" is specified. The VAT Amount will be posted into a different G/L Account.32318
MileagesWe have expanded the 60 day rule with different levels of consequence when a user exceeds it.39389

Bug fixes

Functional areaDescriptionId
Document ApprovalDescription 2 was not copied to the approval entries.42848
General ApplicationIt was possible to change the data type on a field type with field dependencies.
General ApplicationIt was possible to delete a field type used in posting descriptions or shortcut fields.42135
MileagesIn case of very long addresses, it would be impossible to open the Approval Entries page. 
  • The length of the string is 264, but it must be less than or equal to 250 characters. Value: From Address: <very long address>