New and Planned for Continia Expense Management

This article lists all features that are planned for release between March 2021 and March 2022. Note that the listed features may not have been released yet, meaning that delivery times can change and planned functionality may not be released after all (see Continia policy).

Features listed in the General availability on-premises and General availability online columns will be delivered within the given months. The actual delivery date can be any day within these months.

If a feature is released for public preview using Feature Management this will be stated in a footnote placed at the bottom of the table.

The green check mark (Checkmark) indicates which features have been released for general availability.

Application enhancements

Continia is constantly revising Expense Management and looking for new ideas to improve the application. For our upcoming release, we'll make several substantial improvements and update minor features based on user feedback and ideas.

FeatureGeneral availability on-premisesGeneral availability online
Importing own credit card transactionsCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021
Signing in with SSO via Azure Active DirectoryCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021
Support for the 60-day ruleCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021
Configuration of field dependencies in the Expense App and the Expense PortalCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021
Company policiesCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021
Delegating users to manage other users' expensesCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021
Editing approved documents in Business CentralCheckmark Sep 1, 2021Oct 1, 2021
New credit card agreement activation flowCheckmark Sep 1, 2021Oct 1, 2021
Per diem trips across different countries with different ratesCheckmark Sep 1, 2021Oct 1, 2021
Pre-approval of settlementsCheckmark Sep 1, 2021Oct 1, 2021
VAT amounts more visibleCheckmark Sep 1, 2021Oct 1, 2021
New business vendor featureCheckmark Sep 1, 2021Oct 1, 2021

Detailed changelog

For each change to Expense Management, Continia’s detailed changelog is updated with a description of what has changed. You can find the full changelogs here.

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