New and Planned for Continia Expense Management

This article lists the features planned for release between March 2022 and March 2023. Note that the delivery date can be any day within the specified month, and planned functionality may be postponed or not released at all (see Continia policy).

If a feature is released for public preview, it can be enabled using Continia Feature Management. In this way, we can release certain features as minor updates between major updates and receive early feedback from our customers.

Application enhancements

General availability
General availability
Field type improvements-Checkmark Mar 2022Checkmark Apr 2022
Payment type-Checkmark Mar 2022Checkmark Apr 2022
Norwegian per diem rules-Checkmark Mar 2022Checkmark Apr 2022
Support for the Business Central Universal Code Initiative-Sep 2022-
Resize the document attachment page-Sep 2022Oct 2022
Mileage receipt VAT calculation improvements for the UK market-Sep 2022Oct 2022

Detailed changelog

For each change to Expense Management, Continia’s detailed changelog is updated with a description of what has changed. You can find the full changelogs here.

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