Overview of Per Diem Expenses

When per diems have been imported into Expense Management, you can immediately start working with them. All the per diems can be found in the Per Diems list. The documents can be processed further depending on your company flows. See below further articles for the main processes.

For more general concepts, you can check the articles below:

Submit per diem expenses using The Continia Expense App, the Continia Expense Portal, or Business Central, or submit via emailSubmitting Per Diem Expenses
Move a per diem expense to another company manuallyMoving a Per Diem Expense to Another Company
Approve documentsApproving Documents
Reject documents, thereby dismissing them but retaining them in the database (as opposed to deleting them entirely), and specify rejection commentsRejecting Documents
Reopen per diem expenses with different statuses, for instance to match them again or to correct errorsReopening Per Diem Expenses
Post a single per diem expense or multiple per diem expenses in a batchPosting Per Diem Expenses
Reimburse expense users or expense user groups and apply filters to find the right usersReimbursing Per Diem Expenses