Software Lifecycle Policy and Continia Expense Management On-Premises

Continia provides ongoing servicing and support of all Expense Management on-premises releases for at least two years after each release date. This includes security updates, bug fixes, new features, partner support, and access to online resources including Continia Docs. However, note that all online resources are based on the latest version of Expense Management, meaning that older functionality that has been changed, replaced, or deleted in the meantime is unlikely to be covered. For more information on the various types of support provided by Continia, see Resources for Help and Support.

All Continia code, including bug fixes, is released for RTM versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, not for cumulative Microsoft updates. If you're interested in implementing a specific bug fix, you must install the service pack that it's part of, as individual patches and bug fixes can't be provided separately. Service packs are released frequently to keep your software up to date and fully functional, and we strongly recommend that you always stay current by installing the latest service packs. For information on how to do so, see How to Implement a Service Pack.


Continia releases new major versions of Document Capture and other solutions twice a year: on April 1 and October 1. Between one and two weeks before the official release of every new major version, a preview version is made available in the Business Central online sandbox environments.

Below is an overview of support start and end dates for each major release:

VersionRelease dateSupport end date
Expense Management 2023 R2 (12.00)Oct 1, 2023Oct 1, 2025
Expense Management 2023 R1 (11.00)Mar 1, 2023Mar 1, 2025
Expense Management 2022 R2 (10.00)Sep 1, 2022Sep 1, 2024
Expense Management 2022 R1 (9.00)Mar 1, 2022Mar 1, 2024

Support for the following versions of Expense Management has recently ended:

VersionRelease dateSupport end date
Expense Management 2021 R2 (8.00)Sep 1, 2021Sep 1, 2023
Expense Management 2021 R1 (7.00)Mar 1, 2021Mar 1, 2023

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