Upgrading NAV/Business Central with Expense Management Installed

If you use Continia Expense Management in an old version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central and want to upgrade NAV/Business Central to a later version, you must also upgrade Expense Management and/or carry out related tasks, depending on what version you use.

The articles below provide guidelines as to what exact steps you must take in such scenarios. To access the guidelines that are relevant to you, simply pick the version of Business Central that you want to upgrade to:


If you want to upgrade to a different version than the ones mentioned in the guides above, please use the information provided in the guides (including all links) to infer what to do. For example, to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, see Business Central April 2019 (v14, FOB-based). Although that particular upgrade isn't specified directly in this guide, the guide does in fact provide all the information you need to carry out the upgrade.