Reopening Expenses

You can easily reopen expenses in Business Central if they haven’t been posted yet. This is useful in various situations, such as if you want to correct an error.

When reopening an expense document, the document status will change to Open. Below, you can see what happens when reopening a document depending on its status.

Reopening from the status Pending Expense User

Use this action with caution and only if absolutely necessary. An expense with the status Pending Expense User is a draft document in the expense user's mobile app. The expense user is expected to update the document and submit it. When reopening an expense in this state, a message is displayed to make the user aware that an admin in Business Central is currently processing the document. By reopening an expense with this status, you have discarded any changes that haven't been updated to Continia Online yet. This action may find use in particular situations, such as if an expense user has been sick for an extended period of time and haven't been able to submit open documents, and month-end bookkeeping is due.

Reopening from the status Pending Approval

An expense with the status Pending Approval is visible for the approver, and the approver is expected to either approve or reject it. When reopening an expense with the status Pending Approval, then approval entry is cancelled, and the approver will not be able to see this document anymore. The document will have to be re-sent for approval.

Reopening from the status Released

An expense with the status Released is an expense that's been approved. Reopening an expense with this status means that the approval process will have to be carried out again. The approval administrator may also have the option of forcing the approval, depending on the settings. This can be useful after a minor correction that won’t have any influence on the approver's decision.

Reopening an expense

To reopen an expense, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Expenses, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the document list, select the document you want to reopen.
  3. On the action bar, select More Options > Actions > Functions > Reopen...