Automatically Split and Allocate Using Amount Distribution

This guide explains how to split and allocate expenses using distribution codes in Continia Expense Management. This is useful in countries where, for example, part of the VAT/sales tax on certain types of expenses is deductible.

When an expense user registers an expense to an expense type, this expense will be split and allocated using a distribution code to different expense types: The original one, and the one that's specified when you set up the distribution code. The latter expense type is not visible to expense users, so from the perspective of an expense user, nothing changes when submitting expenses. The expense split can only be viewed in Business Central.


The following is required to be able to set up automatic split and allocation using amount distribution:

  • The Enable Amount Distribution setting is enabled in the Expense Management Setup in the Expenses FastTab. When enabled, the column Distribution Code will be visible on the Expense Types page.
  • A new or existing expense type that expense users will register expenses to, for example FOOD W. GUESTS. Follow the guide Setting up Expense Types.
  • A new expense type that will be used for allocation only, for example ENTERTAIN NON-DEDUCT.

To set up amount distribution

You'll need to set up a distribution code on an expense type (such as FOOD W. GUESTS).

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Expense Types, and then choose the relevant link.
  2. In the action bar, select Edit List.
  3. Select an expense type (for example FOOD W. GUESTS).
  4. In the Distribution Code field, select New from the dropdown menu, and create a new distribution code by filling in the following fields:
    • Distribution Code - The name of the distribution code.
    • Description - A short description of the distribution code.
  5. Under Distribution Lines, you define how the expense will be distributed by percentage and to which expense types. This is where you apply the expense types that are mentioned under Prerequisites above.

An example of allocations based on amount distribution: 1rst line: 70% | FOOD W. GUESTS 2nd line: 30% | ENTERTAIN NON-DEDUCT

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