Support for the German 3-month rule

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Support for the German 3-month rule-Oct 2023


Unfortunately, it hasn't been possible to complete this feature in time for it to be included in Continia Expense Management 2023 R2. However, the feature will be added as soon as possible.

Business value

Expense Management will now adhere to legislative regulations concerning the German 3-month rule for tax-free meals.

Feature details

According to German law, daily expenses can be considered tax-free for a maximum of three months of continuous travel at a specific location. Any allowances granted for stays lasting three months or longer will be subject to taxation.

This update ensures compliance with German regulations and helps businesses accurately manage tax-free benefits for employees during their travel. By adhering to the 3-month rule, Expense Management provides a seamless and compliant experience in handling daily expense reimbursements.