Importing Own Credit Card Transactions

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Importing Own Credit Card TransactionsCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021-

Business value

Today, major credit card companies like Mastercard, Visa, and American Express automatically send transactions for many customers directly to Continia Expense Management, and the same goes for a large number of banks. This automatic transfer of transactions isn't possible in cases like the following though:

  • If your organization isn't part of a corporate card program, credit card providers like Mastercard, Visa, and American Express will not send any transactions to Expense Management. In order for you to receive transactions automatically in Expense Management from any of these providers, you'll have to enroll in their corporate card programs.

  • Your bank may be unable to send transactions to Expense Management for technical or other reasons.

To resolve such issues, this feature will enable you to manually import transaction files that have been exported from your own online bank account (provided that exporting transaction files is allowed by your bank). Before the release of this feature, Continia had to build support for any given transaction file if this wasn't already supported, but this will no longer be necessary.

Feature details

The feature will make it possible for you to import your credit card transactions from previously exported transaction files into Expense Management, and to map the columns of these transaction files to Expense Management in order to ensure that the file data is imported correctly.

You'll also be able to reuse this mapping at a later time, which makes it easy to import future transactions as well.