Configuration of Field Dependencies in the Expense App and the Expense Portal

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Configuration of Field Dependencies in the Expense App and the Expense PortalCheckmark Mar 1, 2021Checkmark Apr 1, 2021-

Business value

Field dependency enables the values of one field to be based on those of another field in the same application. For example, when you make a selection in one field, only a limited number of relevant options will be available to you in another field, rather than all options. This makes it much easier for you to use the application, and the input you provide is also likely to be improved, as your attention is focused on what's relevant.

The release of this feature will introduce customizable field-dependency functionality to both the Continia Expense App and the Continia Expense Portal. Admins will be able to configure their own field-dependency rules, and for expense users the overall user experience – as well as their input – will be improved significantly.

Feature details

The feature will enable admins to set dependencies between field values in both the Expense App and the Expense Portal, and to mark fields as mandatory based on dependencies. This means that expense users will only see fields and options that are relevant to them in any given context, resulting in a simplified user interface and a considerable improvement in the overall usability of both applications.