Splitting Expenses for GST-Exempt Parts (AU)

This guide explains how to enable GST calculations in the Australian version of Continia Expense Management. After setup, GST will be calculated automatically and split into multiple lines when submitting expenses with the configured expense types through the Continia Expense App or the Continia Expense Portal.

When you're done setting this up, expenses will automatically be allocated to different lines based on the GST posting setup tax percentage.


The following is required to be able to set up automatic distribution of GST into multiple lines in the Australian version of Continia Expense Management:

  • Make sure you run an AU installation of Expense Management 12.1 or newer.
  • The Enable Amount Distribution setting is enabled in Expense Management Setup in the Expenses FastTab.
  • A field type with the field code AMOUNT INCLUDING TAX. This is a standard field in Expense Management, and you can use the guide Setting Up Fields to add it to the Configured Fields page so that expense users can see and use it.
  • A new expense type set up for the purpose of GST posting. When naming the expense type, giving it name such as 'GST Free' will make it easier to find. Follow the guide Setting up Expense Types.

To set up GST split and allocation

For the GST free expense type you've set up, you need to configure one setting that only exists in the AU version of Expense Management.

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Expense Types, and then choose the relevant link.
  2. Select your GST free expense type, and then select Setup in the action bar.
  3. In GST Prod. Posting Group, choose NON GST in the dropdown menu.

Next, you'll need to set up a distribution code on an expense type.

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Expense Types, and then choose the relevant link.
  2. In the action bar, select Edit List.
  3. Select an expense type.
  4. In the Distribution Code field, select New on the dropdown menu, and create a new distribution code by filling in the following fields:
    • Distribution Code - The name of the distribution code.
    • Description - A short description of the distribution code.
    • Distribute By Tax Amount - Check to allocate automatically based on a pre-defined tax percentage. The expense will be distributed into a taxable and a non-taxable allocation. Note that this field is only visible if the field type AMOUNT INCLUDING TAX has been added.

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