Enhanced Attachment Control on Mileage Expenses

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Enhanced attachment control on mileage expenses-Oct 2024

Business value

Companies demand enhanced control over the necessity of an attachment on mileage level, especially in the UK market, where attachments are required when claiming taxes. This new feature will give companies full control over attachment rules for mileage expenses.

Feature details

With this new feature, you will be able to define attachment rules on mileage vehicles, similarly as you can do it with expense types today. Furthermore, because Vehicle Code is not necessarily a configured field, the attachment settings will also be available in the global Expense Management Setup. The vehicle settings will have priority in case settings are specified in both places.

In the Expense Mobile App/Expense Portal, the functionality will be similar to the functionality that already exists for expenses. Attachment options will help the user add attachments in accordance with the settings.

For the UK market, where attachments will become mandatory when claiming VAT, this feature will allow full control over attachment requirements, as opposed to today where attachments are mandatory when claiming VAT. This will allow companies to post and claim mileage VAT even when they store the receipts in other systems.