Setting up the 60-Day Rule (DK)


The 60-day rule is only available in the Danish localization of Expense Management, and it will not be displayed in the Expense Management Setup in any other localization.

It’s possible to have Expense Management verify that a mileage is in compliance with the 60-day rule for tax-free transport allowance, as mandated by the Danish tax authorities. For more information, see The 60-Day Rule Explained (external link).

When you import a mileage expense into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Expense Management will count the number of days an employee has claimed a mileage between the home address and the workplace during the last 12 months. If the number of days exceed 60, a warning will be added to the mileage, and it’s then up to the approver to accept or reject the mileage.


Only mileage entries that start or end at the employee's home address will count towards the 60-day rule.

Setting up checks for the 60-day rule

To set up Expense Management to apply checks for the 60-day rule, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Search icon, enter Expense Management Opsætning, and then choose the related link.
  2. In the Kørsel FastTab, in Overskridelse af 60-dagesregel, you have three options:
    • Leave the field blank. This is the default, and it means that the rule is not enabled.
    • Advarsel på kørsel. The rule is enabled, and a message will be sent to an admin if the limit of 60 days is exceeded.
    • Kørsel skattepligtig. The rule is enabled. A new column named Skattepligtig kontonr. is added to the page Bogføringsopsætning. A new column named Skattepligtig sats (RV) is added to the page Kørselssatser.